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When is the summer outing for this site? I got this place close to Warsaw that needs fished...:coolgleam
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alright, but dont say i never asked.........
Hey I haven't had the chance - I had to go to Ft wayne to the hospital just after work just got back. You probably wouldn't have to twist my arm too hard;) I'd even bring some flies.
lmao...ok, moss hog i would take you anytime...
me to just let me know also . fishing from a boat or or shore?
we either fish from a boat or through the shoreline at the "honey hole"
The famous honey hole?
yes, it would be the famous "honey hole". there is some good mushroom country close by also. come on charlie, type me some
what lake are you close too rico???? i have a little trailer on chapman... ever fished chapman lake?
big or little? havent been there since i was a kid. i live in warren, but grew up around pierceton. family has a private lake up that way.
I Am On Little Chap.... In Lozier's .

I Have Had Good Luck On The Crappie And Red Ear On Chapman. I Luck Into A Couple Pike Here And There... Looking Forward To Hitting It Hard In A Couple Weeks...
Rico- I tied up some crappie darts today! Gettin ready!
crappie darts? all you need here is a rod and a bare hook!!!!!:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:
going this week-end to check her out. see how much damage i caused driving back there to get to some hard water. will try to get some landscaping done(brush cut back) crappie in abundance if the "Asphalt Kid" didnt catch 'em a few more taken out of there...are you with me on this "moss hog"?:bouncy: :fish: :bouncy: :fish: :evilsmile
Rico, let me know when your going Sat or Sun ? I will try to get up there to help. Don't want to scratch my truck LOL.
dang dodger, hardly recognized you without the toilet paper will let you know...
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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