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Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by rico, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. When is the summer outing for this site? I got this place close to Warsaw that needs fished...:coolgleam
  2. alright, but dont say i never asked.........

  3. Hey I haven't had the chance - I had to go to Ft wayne to the hospital just after work just got back. You probably wouldn't have to twist my arm too hard;) I'd even bring some flies.
  4. lmao...ok, moss hog i would take you anytime...
  5. I'm interested...just let me know! Bret
  6. me to just let me know also . fishing from a boat or or shore?
  7. we either fish from a boat or through the shoreline at the "honey hole"
  8. I'm still ice fishin:bouncy: :coco: :fish:
  9. yes, it would be the famous "honey hole". there is some good mushroom country close by also. come on charlie, type me some
  10. what lake are you close too rico???? i have a little trailer on chapman... ever fished chapman lake?
  11. big or little? havent been there since i was a kid. i live in warren, but grew up around pierceton. family has a private lake up that way.
  12. I Am On Little Chap.... In Lozier's .

    I Have Had Good Luck On The Crappie And Red Ear On Chapman. I Luck Into A Couple Pike Here And There... Looking Forward To Hitting It Hard In A Couple Weeks...
  13. Rico- I tied up some crappie darts today! Gettin ready!