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Paddlefish Poaching Video

Discussion in 'Indiana Fishing Reports' started by Flintlocker, May 4, 2007.

  1. I'm From Switzerland County And Live Maybe Three Miles From The Markland Dam,and I Am Sad To Say,i Know 5 Of The People That Where Involed In This,one Lived With In A 1/4 Of Mile Of Me For Years,i Guess It Just Goes To Show You Really Never Know What Some People Are Willing To Do For Money.

  2. Good job, ICOs!
  3. Exactly! Seems that they could exhaust the entire population of those fish.... I've only ever saw one in my life!
  4. That's what makes this crime so amazing to me. Imagine how many baby fish were in that bowl of 3# of roe?

    I used to see them occasionally at Oakdale Dam on the Tippecanoe River. I actually snagged one that was probably 5 FEET long. It as like fighting a drift sock, but man was he big.
  5. man i cant even imagine eating a big ol' pile of fish eggs...but man thats alot of money

    some people have no class...why is it so difficult for some people to follow the laws?
  6. I bet these guys never would have poached the eggs if there hadn't been a ban on it. Laws just make people want to break them ya know...

    Bring back the two paddlefish rule...
  7. Watched 3 paddle fish caught today at Rouch Dam....410 caught one of them, the largest of the three.