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Pale Trotter

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by QuailDancer, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. 01-09-07
    I was heading out of town on my way to work this morning and standing along side of Lincoln Hwy was a white doe. May have been a piebald, really couldn't tell in the dim light of the morning, but looked pure white to me. First I've ever seen still standing on the hoof, and the 2nd I've seen this year.
  2. Quail what was you drinking this morning going to work. Just kidding. I have seen one this year my self and then Jim and I saw a piebald over to Scott's if you remember the thread. Makes you have a double take when you see one.

  3. [​IMG]


    Hey, here are just a few pictures that I snapped with my digital camera the past year. I have seen up to 5 at once on my property and haven't had one close to shoot to make a beautiful mount. These pictures were taken in my front field.
  4. that doe is walking with a bullseye on her right side
  5. Nice pictures. I prolly would have left my camera at home that day knowing my luck.
  6. thats nice work with the camera right there
    next year cant get here fast enough...
  7. Ive seen a piebald doe around the hamilton/madison co. line for 3 years now, she made it through another season cause my buddy called me the other nite to say he almost smoked her with his s-10! can she pass this on to her fawns?
  8. Good observation. I didn't notice that at first.
  9. I would LOVE to take a piebald and have the skin tanned!