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park county -06

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by buckhead, Jan 20, 2007.

  1. better pic in gallery
    net was 190

  2. That's the Chris Thomas buck. It was officially scored today by Ron White at 198 3/8" Non-Typical. With a little help this buck could've been a top end typical, but had some stickers that hurt the typical score. An absolute awesome buck nonetheless. While score is fun and cool, it's not the end all. Congratulations Chris!!
  3. thanks dean very proud guy i'm sure
  4. Better view........


    Also love the story that was attached to this pic...............

    "a friend sent this to me killed this deer in park county late getting up lost his ride and walked to the woods with a borrowed gun"

    I have a new plan for next year........:coolgleam
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  5. Rather be lucky than good any day. Lucky takes a lot less time and effort. Next year, plan to stroll through the woods humming a tune all day long, smoking and drinking coffee. The biggun should come right in....
  6. Chris lost all of his guns in a fire earlier in the year. When you hear everything that he went through in route to shooting this monster, well, let's just say that Divine Intervention played a part.
  7. That's a nice buck. congrats to chris