Parke County Booner

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  1. From Dean,

    J.L. I finally made contact with this hunter on Thursday and he gave me the green light to show it on His name is Chris Thomas and the buck was killed in Parke County on November 19th. Could you post it on the site and just mention the things I've mentioned here? The score isn't known yet, but all indicators point to it going Boone either way.


  2. Awesome Buck!!! An absolute freak!

  3. Thanks J.L. This is Chris Thomas' monster that I had to track down a bit. Chris is a great guy who had to overcome a ton of hardship to get this monster on the second day of gun season. Chris reports that the 5X5 frame nets about 190". This appears to be a certain "What If?" buck. It's arguably an absolute G I A N T !!!!!
  4. AWESOME DEER!! Thanks for the picks J.L., and Dean!
  5. wow! looks like a main frame 6 x 5 though. those tines are crazy long.
  6. I know this kid. I saw this picture a few weeks ago. My buddy is the taxidermist that is shoulder mounting this deer. What a Buck!!
  7. WOW awesome buck. Its good to see some pics of it. Ive been hearing stories about it. News travels fast around this area...:bowdown:
  8. WOW what a deer. :yikes: :yikes: :yikes:
  9. Great Deer... I may get a chance to hunt there next season! Park County Grows them Big thats for shure.....
  10. Congrats on a killer buck!!!!