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Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by 410, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. Well it's all over the news on the TV, PASSPORTS, you can't get around it. By my understanding if you want to go out side of the USA to fish, hunt, vacation or what ever you are going to have to have one by Jan 23rd if you are in the air. Well sooner or later it will be any way you travel. I think it is a way for all countries to make money and the honest man again will have to pay. I love to fish Canada and if I decide to go it will cost me another $95 plus my photo $$$. There will be a lot of complains, but you know this amount of money will not stop you from going if you want to go. I wish some day all the people running the countries wake up and give a damm on whats going on around them. Rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. This is nothing new a passport for flying to other countries this is just new to Mexico and Canada, from the USA, just like fun trade, we buy they trade for money. What do some of you think about PASSPORTS?:bash: :banghead3 :bonk:
  2. Its the nature of what the world has become. Seems overdue to me. It's still a falable system, but at least it is a something other than, "Do you have anything to declare?"

  3. I know one thing..........if you have a passport, don't loose it!!!! We had a fire in our home a couple of years ago that destroyed our passports I reported the lose and was told I needed to contact the sheriffs office so they could investigate.
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    Last summer coming back from Canada, we asked at the American border if we were going to need a passport for the following summer (we've always used drivers licenses.) He said that as far as he knew we would.

    I have a friend who flies to Canada often. He's had a passport for years.
  5. in todays world it's a necessary evil. terrorism trade with high tech i'm sure could replicate one but at least they won't be able to walk across. at least through canada anyways.
  6. It's not a big deal and is good for 10 years. I would plan ahead though as it takes time to get it. You can get one expedited in about 2 weeks but the total cost is around $200. I personally think it is a good idea and glad they finally made it mandatory. I have been in and out of Mexico a lot and am quite surprised how easy it is to get back into the US by car or plane.
  7. Like Scott said, the price isn't bad considering it is good for 10 years. Besides, a passport is just good security to have whenever you are anywhere.

    I worked back and forth between Indiana and Mexico from 1992 to 2003, before passports were required. I always had my passport with me and it sure made life much easier anytime I got checked at the border or even at the check stations deeper into Mexico. Same with the U.S. check stations 30 miles or so into the country.

    I inadvertently let my passport expire before my trip bear hunting in Canada last year, so I went up with out one. The scary part (from a national security stand point) was that going into Canada, they never asked for any I.D. of any sort. Just let a group of 6 hunters roll right on through the border. Coming back to the US wasn't that much more secure. They were going to just let us go without checking us until one of the guys mentioned bear hunting. Then we had to go in and fill out the paperwork. But they could have cared less to see ID if we'd not had bears with us.

    So in a post 9/11 world, I think the passport requirement is a good thing. Maybe they'll start checking people more often now.
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    The problem with passports will be this...people visiting Detroit who want to run over to Windsor for the day...If it's a one-time thing, some will not do it because of the hassle and cost.

    Few people making a day trip to Canada (which I suppose is the majority of people visiting) means less money and tourism for Canada .
  9. I really don't care about Canada's tourism dept. I don't care if it is just for one day. Back in 2001, it was just for one flight.
  10. I know what you mean DEC. I have driven through the Mexico border myself and also ridden across with a Mexican driving, and in both of these particular cases all I had to do was say American citizen when the US border patrol walked up to the vehicle as I was crossing back into America and they would wave me through. Now other times I have had to show photo id or passport, but not all the time.
  11. Had to get a passport last month for this Sunday, but wasn't a problem at all for me. Of course I didn't pay for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. But you still have to take the trash out for a month, right?;)
  13. Scott why did you have to get a passport you look like you belong down there. I am not disagreeing with the passport deal I think it helps to track down and keep a eye on things. Did you know there is a metal strip on the passports that tales the gov where you are at. What I am saying is like Jim and I may go to Canada one time in ten years and if it is $200 more and him and I are on limited income. We probably will not go and just stay in the states and give the gills more hell. Take think you know you will have to have a passport to fish the great lakes.
  14. Come'on Bill, I'm as gringo as they get. I will admit though that I will try their foods. Must be dad coming out in me. Last trip to Queratero I ate fried grasshoppers and a linguini looking dish that had what look liked seafood in it. The pieces of "crab" I later found out were cow toes with the hoof removed. And finally, in Ensanada I had a seafood dish that was served cold (but cooked I'm told). It had octopus tenticles on it that were just sliced like a potato, suction cups and all. Interesting texture, but not too bad.

    Lately, I've built 2 machines for a Japanese company. Even though my contacts are Russian (machines go to Chiccago), they have spent some time in Japan and love sushi. I've been eating that now and again in Fort Wayne and find it pretty good. Thought you guys might like to try it after the Gander Mountain thing, be warned though, it is expensive.
  15. Scott you know I don't eat that kind of junk. I will stay will hog balls, coons, groundhogs, squirrels, rabbits and that kind of great stuff. I amost forgot fish.