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Past low tech mono help ???

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by goggleye57, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. In the past I have always used monofilament line. Been thinking about switching to something tougher to fish for salmon and steelhead in rivers.
    What kind of experience and recommendations do you all have about ironsilk? powerpro? fireline? and a bunch of others I haven't named.:help:
  2. salmon and steelhead have good eyes if you use colored line use a leader or they will see and no fish :banghead3

  3. We have went with the Cajun Red line for river fishing, also we have dropped our hook size down. When fishing in the river (Platte, or St Joe) We don't use spawn bags, but tie a couple-three eggs onto our Gamatsu (red) hooks with Spider Thread. That stuff is great, a couple of wraps around the hook & eggs and bingo, you're fishing!

    I wouldnt recomend using a braided line line or one of the newer non-mono lines in the river without a good leader (prefereably with a slightly lower test rating than your line.) with all of the limbs, rocks and snags they are a lot less forgiving on your equipment. (but by using a mono leader it defeats the purpose of using say "spiderwire", because you reintroduce the "stretch-factor" at the end of the line, and dimenish the ability to "feel the strike"... for me, it's easier / cheaper to just spool up with good mono)

    I would rather lose the mono (leader & $5 lure) than snap the tip of my St Croix rod or strip the gears of an Okuma reel.
  4. I have only been salmon fishing in rivers for a few years now but I have used both mono and braided line so I thought i would add what little I could. When salmon fishing I use 30 pound braided line attatched to a two way swivel. I then use about a two foot 14 pound mono leader. I use to use mono but had a hard time landing larger fish when I would hook up at the ends of my casts. I prefer the braided too because when I do snag I only lose a 2 foot piece of mono instead of 10 foot of mono.

    Sorry to disagree Hoosier_Steelheader but I have been doing this for a few years and have had the best luck. However, I do agree with snapping the tips on poles. I watched my buddy snap his st. croix last year and I had mine doubled over a few times to where I thought it was going to go. But hey, they are the american legends.
  5. I use P-line 10lb test on my 10 rod.
  6. Well i usually use anywhere from 20 -30 pound spiderwire when i salmon fish. But i normally dont fish them in the rivers, i usually get them right as their coming in off the lake. Those fish are usually very angry and can rip off a lot of line. I like the spiderwire becuase i can fill up my spool and it only has the diameter of around 8 pound test.
  7. Great info guys! I've never caught a salmon in the river, so far just in lakes and have used stren.
  8. No to worry angler103,(I'm wrong a lot, just ask the wife:hide: ) actually I had indicated using a leader. It just reintroduces the stretch factor. Most guys that switch to spiderwire, or fireline do it because they want to feel the strike.
    When I use it, its more for for strength like Brad24 said.

    I do know this, when a 25lb king starts ripping line off the reel you need something to stop him!

    My buddy lost the end of his St Croix steelhead rod from the third eyelet up. He was crying all the way home...:gaga:
  9. He must not have sent in the 5 year warranty card. :banghead3 I've had friends make the same mistake.

    I agree with the stretch factor fire line is amazing. Hope atleast some of this helps you out goggleye57, I think you should be the one giving us advise on how to catch those hogs you showed pictures of! I will be up river fishing for salmon in about a month. Good luck and happy fishing! :fish:
  10. Anyone use the berkley ironsilk? - sounds like a good compromise. I don't use those expensive rods - bring em on!!:evil: see if you can break one of my $29.95 Ugly sticks.In the unlikely event I broke one I always take two 7 footers with me. I have used them on everything-on the ocean for sharks to big catfish on the Wabash, never broke one yet, except in a car wreck:banghead3 :)
  11. Car wrecks are no exceptions, Goggle, you should have been able to get another one......LOL!!!
  12. I use to be Ugly Sticks number one fan. Then for some reason I decided to spend a little money on a rod and fell in love with the st. croix. Now I own six of them. I really want to try a G-loomis, I heard they make st. croix feel like fishing with mickey mouse pole.
  13. My wife's cousin runs a charter service in Alaska, and he won't put anything but G-Loomis, or Fenwick in his boats...
    Around here, for salmon / steelheading I like the Diawa Heartland series, they have a good feel, decent tip control (depending on the action you select, the D-rigger rods are pretty stiff at the tip), and their affordable. (keeps me sailing under wifey's radar...:coolgleam )

    Although here is a good way to get a couple of the lesser priced rods. Next time you're at Gander Mtn, Lunkers, or Cabelas, with the better half in tow, start out looking at the St Croix, G-Loomis, or Fenwick rods... Then migrate over to the Diawa, Berkley and Penn section.. and rehearse this line, "Wow honey, I can get 2 of these for what I was going to spend for one of those (pointing at the Fenwick rack), and we could still have money left over for that purse you were looking at...."

    Legal disclaimer: if your wives catch on I disavow any knowledge of this plot, or this post... I wrote it under duress and was not aware of my actions..:evilsmile
  14. Research shows that couples that had not engaged in premarital sex before their marriages have a more satisfying sex life.:) Why is that? Maybe because there is no basis for comparison? ;) Maybe I should stick with the 29.95 ugly sticks and live in ignorant bliss:confused: :) No really I should give a couple of premium brands a try.