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Patoka Lake

Discussion in 'Southeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by Main Beam, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. :help: Going on a houseboat trip this weekend to Patoka Lake. Planning on doing some fishing. Any suggestions for this lake? Any adivse would be appreciated.:help:
  2. bass fishing

    That lake is full of nice bass. Fish the weeds with a texas rigged plastic craw or a creature bait, weedless. Top water could also work any time of day. I haven't fished for crappie there, always trying to catch 4lb + bass, because there are so many. Good luck, post some big bass pics! I've had luck on crank baits along rocky banks, also.


  3. Thanks for the info!! We will see if I can hook some worthy of posting.....
  4. Zoom Super Flukes have always worked well for me down there. Get into the back of sloughs and throw these lures texas-rigged and un-weighted. Let us know how you do!
  5. Well got back from Patoka this evening.....I was very impressed with the scenery down there. We will definetly go down for another houseboat trip next year. As for the fishing it was pretty tough going. We talked to several guys fishing the area and a C.O. and they were all in agreement that fish haven't been very active. Saw several large fish taunting us by jumping by our boat. BASS-TARDS:)