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Patrick F. McManus

Discussion in 'Comedy' started by ChapstickCharlie, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. Do we have any McManus followers out there? Considered the greatest outdoor humorist of our time, McManus is a God in our bathroom. You can see his brand of humor all over this website.
  2. I have all of McManus's books. He is by far the best outdoor humorist I have ever read. Some of his stories are priceless, especially the ones that involve "Strange," who is his dog. I highly suggest picking up some of McManus's books.

  3. James, (thinking) if you pm me the name of your Michigan crappie lake, I'll send you an autographed copy of 'Rubber Hairs and White Tail Feathers'. ;)

    Granted it will be my signature but I really need the name of that lake.
  4. Already got that was the first McManus book I ever bought. I could sign my name in it and be doing just as well...and keep my spot a secret forever. You ever fish in MI Charlie? Might have to make a trip up my way.:evil: