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PCR ... interpretation from an experienced hunter

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Modern Firearms' started by DEC, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Walk softly when replying to this guys, please. I wanted to share with you all the comments that I got from a fellow hunter yesterday. I want to first say that this gentleman is a friend. He's hunted for 30+ years, hunted all over the world, and has a gun collection out the azz.

    Yesterday, we ran into each other and got talking hunting which lead into the next deer season. He made the comment that he was going to purchase a new PCR gun in 44-40. His exact comment was that now he would be able to shoot a deer at "almost 300 yards". I told him that I wasn't an expert on ballistics, but that I didn't think he'd really improve over the range of his slug gun. He assured me that he "knew" what he was talking about and that he'd be able to shoot at long ranges with this gun. I tried to politely convince him other wise, but according to him, I don't know what I'm talking about.:rolleyes:

    He verified the point that I've said all along. Joe Public is going to mistakenly assume that these guns are long range rifles. Heck even some very experienced hunters are obviously going to believe this as well, as my conversation proved. My neutral position on this topic is now starting to slight to the opposition of these guns, simply based on the perception aspect.:(
  2. Hmmm... I think most of us have been saying that all along.

  3. You're not alone there.
  4. IMHO, sounds like too much money, and not enough common sense education.
  5. When he tries to zero a .44-40 at more than 75 yds he's going to be in for a huge surprise.

    Not to worry. He won't even be able to HIT anything at 300yds with a .44-40, much less wound it.
  6. I know the guy well. I can assure you that he'll try ... just aim higher and higher ... :nono:
  7. He'll have to buy a 3" ladder sight (a'la the Quigley Sharps). To lob a .44-40 bullet 300 yds he'll have to use somthing like a 20+ degree hold...

    Not the Gun's fault he's terminally stupid. But, like I said, I think he'll be selling the gun after one range session.

    Edit: Could it be he's confusing the .44-40 (legal, VERY short range cartridge) with the .444 Marlin (non-compliant cartridge that with LeverEvolution ammo can be stretched to 250, 275 yds)...? Very few people even know what a .44-40 is (i.e. an old BP pistol/carbine round), or where to get ammo, much less want to hunt with it. Even the .357 is better...

    FYI Winchester's specs on the .44-40 out of a rifle... -109.5" to hit 300yds assuming a 100yd zero.

    (Can anyone actually do a 110" hold over????)

    I'd print out the above page from Winchester and Fax it to him. Seriously. He needs a wakeup call.
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  8. You hit the nail on the head with that comment. That he is ... on many topics IMO.

    It was definitely a 44-40 that he said he was going to buy. And trust me, he will be the type to hold 7 or 8 feet over a deer's back.

    The sad thing is that this person has hunted all over the world, very successfully, I might add.
  9. If he was succesful, he must have had his guides do the shooting, lest he know that a 44-40 is not a 300 yard gun.
  11. The sad and/or scary part of all this, is this is an experienced hunter. What is the inexperienced hunter going to try?
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  12. Which is the exact reason i am concerned with this law. How many people are really going to understand the difference and abide by that difference. In my understanding of these guns they sound and are in many ways acoustically similar to the high powered cousin. How in the world other than catching them in the act are we supposed to differentiate legal from illegal?
  13. The same way we differentiate between slugs and buckshot...we don't.
  14. Or how the CO's distinguish a Winchester 9410 from a Winchester 94 Big Bore in .444... They check.

    The wording of the regulation is very clear, and the penalties for being too dumb to read the regs are plenty costly. Smart gunshop owners will disabuse people of the notion that they can buy a non-compliant gun to hunt deer... just like they remind people that buckshot is not to be used for bucks.
  15. This issue was brought up at a meeting the other night in an organization I belong to. I brought up some concerns I had and I was told this is just so the guys with "cowboy" guns don't have to go out and buy a gun to deer hunt with. I find that argument totally laughable. It's just a foot in the door for something else later on IMO.