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Perch at the Inland wall

Discussion in 'Northwest Indiana Fishing Reports' started by ChapstickCharlie, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. The perch are in at the wall. Medium sized today but they say,,, last Saturday they were big. One minnow one fish, good trade. Shiners on a #8 hook and a 3/4 oz bell sinker did it. No pics, sorry.
  2. Way to go! It's great when they are on the feed! Keep us posted, we may have to cut out of work and sneak up your way....

  3. what lake chapstic!! just curious. i like to look them up on maps. i've never really fished up north
  4. Scrape this is on Lake Michigan along the outer wall of what used to be Inland Steel Company. I also meant to report yesterday that there were 4 or so boats out trolling along the wall and they all said they were doing well. Probably Coho and or Browns right? Naturally it is too windy today out there or I would be casting instead of typing. Storms are coming in again.
  5. WOW would be great to get a hold of big perch. What fun it must be.
  6. Are the Inland wall and the "hole in the wall" accessable via automobile?
  7. bad things can happen...

    humpty dumpty perched on a wall...that didn't go well:yikes:
  8. RonK no the wall can only be fished from shore by employees and retirees. By the hay I went out there yesterday and only small perch were biting. The next time they are in thick I am going to take some people from here out with me, so keep an eye for when they are in, maybe we can hook up. Tight lines.
  9. Thanks all!