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Peyton Manning and the Colts

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Hunter Hollis, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. Hunter Hollis

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    Peyton Manning would have been a Hall Of Famer even if he never reached the Superbowl. Numbers dont lie and those numbers were enoght for for a HOF nod.

    That being said, I think that we will win the Superbowl. I think after a Superbowl win you will see a different Peyton Manning and a different Indianapolis Colts team as well. Peyton might say he "doesn't play that card" and that he didn't feel a monkey on his back, but he did. The whole team did. If we win the Superbowl, they wont have all that pressure on them and they will make more plays. Peyton will possibly even start smiling on the field. With this million pound weight lifted off of them I believe they will become a multiple Superbowl winning team.

    Since this is a hunting and fishing site I will throw in an example. I fished for nearly twenty years, fished hard and never caught a wall hanger bass. After I caught the first one that weighed six pounds I caught 2 more that same season. In places that I have fished my whole life. I didn't go out and try to do everything I could to catch a lunker, they just came to me.

    I think thats what is going to happen to the Indianapolis Colts.

    Colts Dynasty.....sounds good to me.
  2. Doooooon't think so, but that is why they play the game. Let's let them win SB41 first, which I think they will, before we start talking Dynasty and the Colts in the same sentence.

  3. Most all of us have a hero, Like Manning, Rose, Mantle, Hank Parker and many more. That's what the world is all about. Sorry I forgot one for someone "Jimmy"
  4. You're a bad boy.
  5. Do you suppose the "Edge" is thinking he should of helped out the salary cap and stuck it out one more year, rather than going where the money is? I think dumping him and Vanderjerk were the best things for the chemistry of this team. Edge was always being criticized by Manning for not coming to mini camp. Granted it was optional, but it sure made me think that Edge was a "me" guy and not a team player.

    I will critize the Colts on 2 things last night:

    1) After Manning threw the interception, they were struggling on a 3 and out. On one of those downs he had to scramble and slid to a stop for no gain. It was near the sideline. I think and still think he should have lowered his shoulder on that particular play and took a hit. I think it would have gotten the crowd back in it and I think it would have sparked his team, knowing it was "everything on the line" time. JMO.

    2) At the end of the half it was evident that the colts were going to kick a field goal. Dungy was arguing a call. I think he should have went ballistic and drew a 15 yard flag. It still would have only been a 40 yard field goal, would have made up everyone's mind for them on not going for the TD, and would have provided a great spark going into the locker room. I think it would have been a momentum changer to see him be out of character like that. Again JMO, they won so maybe I'm wrong. I just like seeing a little fire when things go wrong sometimes. At that point in the game it looked like Dungy had the normal grimmace on his face, like I'm losing it again, and Manning had that familiar head down and slowly shaking it from side to side. I would have liked to see desire and drive at that point thats all.
  6. I agree Scott, but what about either one of those players makes you think you would have got that spark from them. Neither one of them are the vocal, outspoken leaders that we so like to see in football. They act more like bankers. Would have been great to see it from them, some sign of life, but I really don't think they have it in them.
  7. Dynasties in the NFL are a thing of the past. With the salary cap, and the parity it has caused, I don't think any team can amass the overall talent --and keep it for long periods of time--to produce a dynasty. New England might have produced a mini-dynasty, but their reign was effectively ended last night. Actually, they began to faulter last year.

    Go Bears!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I bet both Peyton and Dungy went off a little bit at half time, maybe not, never know. You certainly don't have to fly off the handle and act like a beligerant idiot to be a good leader at anything. There are some awesome people in the Colts organization, top to bottom, lots of class.
  9. Nothing says class like packing up the offices in the middle of the night. I know Peyton had nothing to do with that. But I can't get over the Irsays.
  10. Dean you may have jumped the gun a little bit there killer...
    the pats made the playoffs last year and if it werent for stupid turnovers and muffed calls would have beaten denver to advance to ANOTHER AFC championship game. this year they lost to the better team IN THE AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. This "faulter"ing team had their best Defensive unit yet, Tom Brady is still Tom Brady, they still have the best coach in the league (sorry lovie) they are a healthy rod harrison (may never happen) and a mature maroney away from winning another ring. You act like they went all pittsburgh on us and missed the playoffs. They gave two of the best teams in the league everything they could handle two weeks in a row ON THE ROAD BOTH WEEKS. If you honestly think that bellicheck and his boys are no longer a player then you havent been watching. As much as I detest the colts they were the better team yesterday. The pats are still a top 5 team in this league and the last time i checked if you're top 5 in the NFL, you're good football team.

  11. Jumped the Gun? Ummm, perhaps you didn't watch the San Diego game as closely as the rest of us did Jonesy. And um, oh yeah, the Patriots aren't in the Super Bowl this year....nor were they in it last year. Face it son, you haven't been in it now for two years...Top 5 or otherwise. We're not talking Top 5 here are we? Nope, we're talking about the Top 2. You've got to beat the best team in your conference before you can do that. The Patriots capitalized on San Diego's "Stupid Turnovers", otherwise they wouldn't have been able to face the Colts. And ,BTW, didn't you have a Chicago Bears hat on today at Gander Mountain? Should I get my panties in a bunch because we're without two of our best defenders?

    Go Bears!!!!
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