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pheasant preserves

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I heard a rumor today that the state due to the recent deer farm issues is considering some changes in the way the license bird hunting preserves. The issue I was made aware of is that if the preserve is within 5 miles of a State owned property they will not be allowed to operate. If anyone has any further information on this please let me know.

Thank you

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I haven't heard anything, I'll do some searching. That would figure, any escaping phesants (or other game birds) from the adjacent preserve would help to bolster the bird pop on the public lands, but nooooo lets shut'em down!!!

The deer farms will probably be severly restricted or eliminated because many hunters and anti's are actually on the same side. In addition, you throw in the Bovine TB and CWD fears (warranted or not) and that really puts the heat on to restrict these types of operations.

With upland preserves, you don't have the disease issue and most hunters don't object to bird preserves. We as hunters just need to make sure the anti's don't slip one past us.

See ya Sunday Jeff, Elliot and I are running at about 3:00 pm in the pointing field. We scored much better on our second run this past weekend, and would have placed in the trophies had I not taken three shots to down our last bird.
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