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Pheasants Forever Banquet

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Tine Lock, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. Anyone going to the Pheasants Forever banquet this weekend in Columbia City?
  2. Well you already know I am but just to confirm one more time....I'm looking forward to it.

  3. Nope, going to the one in Muncie.

  4. Hi Tine
    Old 410 will be there and I am bring 4 other people with me. See you there.
  5. I've tried 3 times to sign my son up in their youth membership and they never have the correct forms at the 4-H fair or the Fort Wayne Sports Vacation and Boat show. Twice they have taken my name and promised to mail me the form. I've yet to see it. I know they are volunteers, but I will not beg for someone to take my money.

    My answer is no.
  6. Next fall scott there will be a free youth hunt that PF puts on every year. I went last fall. I had free ammo all day, I took 2 pheasants, there was a door prize for everyone, a free hat and T-shirt, and I shot as much trap as I wanted. I could have easily spend a few hundred bucks there that day, but it was all free. I would suggest signing up for that some time this year. I signed up for it at the Whitley county fair last year, but there are other places you can get signed up for it at.
  7. There was a good turnout last night. The place was sold out. I think they said there was about 260 people. I was able to meet 410 last night and his grandson who shot that monster posted in a former thread. Hopefully I will be able to meet a lot more of you next week at the D&T expo in Indy.
  8. Right on Tine Lock, it was good to meet you and dinner was great the steak was good (but not as good as some fried gills), lots of money floating around. They had lots and lots of great painting, guns, scopes, and OH YES Pheasant Forever hats for sale the last hat went for $500.00. They had a Browning
    (#63 out of a 100) over and under that went for $3000, 5 or 6 pheasant hunts that went really cheap, a snow goose hunt for 10 people in South Dakota that cost retail $3800 and it sold for $500.00, they also had a hunt where you could shoot four different animals in Africa (Yes AFRICA) it only sold for around $1000. I did get 4 bags of different seeds to plant for birds and deer. Had a great time and will see you all in Indy next Saturday.
  9. i saw the 1st hen pheasant south of lafayette last monday. been 10 years since my last sighting you go guys!
  10. I've had the same thing happen to me from them, Scott.
  11. Anyone who missed the Columbia City and Muncie Pheasants Forever banquets last week-end take heart!!!! The Central Indiana Pheasants Forever banquet is right after the Indianapolis Boat Sport and Travel Show on March 3rd. Even better we don't have the same auction stuff or guns that the others did so it's a whole new show. PM me for more info.


    P.S. Tinelock - was the Regional Biologist Brian Grossman at the banquet? How did he do?
  12. I don't know for sure about Brian being there. I don't think he was but just to be sure ill let 410 answer that question