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Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by anon782010, May 10, 2007.

  1. Seems like everyweek someone is posting a pic that should be a postcard or a calander, and if nothing else, just posted for people to see.

    What does everything think about a thread that is dedicated to outdoor photography?

    Here is my first contribution of the year. Nothing says spring like robin's eggs...simple pic...but I like it...


    this one has been posted before, but i really like it...


    No haha funny photoshop stuff here please...lets see some pics like pigeon and goggle in the river, and dustin and erics KY trip...
  2. I like this idea, Travis, and those are some nice pictures! I think I've posted this one on here before, but it's a neat pic. anyway. I took this picture last summer off my back porch.


  3. trebouche i normally don't care for anything you have to say...
    but this is a pretty good idea
  4. What we should do is find out about making a calendar and selling them to members and any of the profits would go to the site for maint. and any upgrades that may come along.
  5. I've never seen that second picture, Dustin. Very neat!
  6. keep it up fellas!!!
    i'm gonna have one heck of a screen saver by the time you guys are done
  7. Sunset in the Northwest Territory


    Serenity on an Indiana lake.


    Midnight on the Tundra in the Northwest Territory.


    Ran across this dude while getting ready to setup up a blind next to this brush pile.

  8. the critter in the last picture should have an arrow in it somewhere or a few pellet marks along its back. I HATE SNAKES
  9. Here's one coming out of the channel onto Crooked Lake (my lake) [​IMG]