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piebahl deer

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by buckmaster, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. has anyone ever seen a piebald buck i seen my first doe this past bow season.
  2. I have never seen a buck, but in a earlier forum I posted pictures I took of a doe. The most I have seen at once is 5 does but have never saw one with bone on top.

  3. 5 or 6 years ago during turkey season, I was sitting there at a base of a tree and had twin piebalds come through. Another hunter I know got the same two on film that same morning several hundred yards away. Their markings were identical in every way. I never saw them again after that day.
  4. I saw this buck checked in this year.

    Little 6, should have gave him a couple more years :evilsmile
  5. Thats Cool..... I never seen one of those before!
  6. I shot a piebald buck back in '98. He had some white spots and the inside dew claw on each front hoof was white as well. Piebalds aren't as uncommon as some people think, but if you have a bunch of them around it indicates that your deer herd is grossly overpopulated.
  7. I have seen five where I hunt, they were all seen two years ago. We have three of them on video, everyone of them were bucks, two buttons, one fork horn, a four and a six pointer I passed up at twenty yards and still hate myself for that, swore it would get bigger and I would have another shot. Never seen another one of them since. Learned that day a true trophy is not the size of the horns, man I hate thinking of that day. What a beautiful deer that was.
  8. I have yet to see a piebald, but can't wait to see one. Are he genetics left behind by a piebald bad? Or do they affect deer in any way other than their hide?
  9. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    I hunted an apple orchard that borderd a horse farm while i was stationed in maryland. Every nite i watched no less then 15 deer come out of the horse pasture and work their way to the edge of the orchard and eat. Every deer in that herd had some amount of to it. Some more than others. I never did see any with antlers, i later shot a doe that had about a 35 to 65 percent ratio of white fur to brown, it was neat to see!
  10. Either albino or piebald

    There is either an albino or almost all white piebald deer just north of Terre Haute around the New Goshen area.
    My brother and several others have seen it(or them) at a distance several times over the last few years, though never while hunting.
  11. Think it's dead now, I know one was shot in the Coal Creek area a couple of years ago. Haven't heard any reports of one since then.
  12. I know of a pie bald doe around the hamilton /madison co. line seen her for a fiew years now. anyone know if she can pass this on to her offspring??
  13. There was a large 10point here in dearborn county 2 winters ago, in a place called hidden valley lake, it was seen nearly every day. It fell into the basement of a house being built, and broke its back, and had to be put down. The state came and got it, i think I have some pictures of the deer somewhere if I can find them
  14. saw a fella took one in noble county this year. about the same size as the piebahl buck in that pic if i remember correctly. it was bow season though so i dont have a real strong recollection of it.