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Pigeon River - 5/21/2005

Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by Piggyn, May 23, 2005.

  1. Last Saturday evening I went canoeing/fishing with some friends on the Pigeon River up in Mongo. Between us all we caught 16 rock bass. About half of them would have been keepers, but we threw them all back. I also lost a brown trout that looked to be ~10". We talked to a fly fisherman who said that he had caught a couple of 15-16" browns that morning. All in all it was a great time to be outdoors. The weather couldn't have been nicer, the sandhill cranes were whoopin' it up, and we even saw a couple of beavers out and about.
  2. Been reading your posts recently . Since I live on Cedar creek those interested me the most . Been catching a few Smallies and quite a few channel cat and rock bass lately .
    As far as eating goes the state only warns against cat over 18 inch and carp over 22 inch like no more then once a month .
    I suspected smallies inhabited creek but never fished for them . Kind of a coincidence I discovered your post just after catching my first Small mouth
    When my son lived here we used to fish the Fawn below the dam just west of hwy 9 . There he caught a 5 pounder which we mounted . He was about 12 then so pretty big deal . 3 pounders pretty common back then but the campground sold and the only access we had dissapeared . I guess you could bring a canoe upstream to the little hydro dam there and fish the eddy pools . Im a little old and out of shape for that but I guarantee big smallies .