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Pigeon River Wildlife

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by goose101, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. I went to Pigeon River Wildlife the Saturday and left mad without any geese. At Pigeon River they have a lottery for waterfowl hunting spots. The spot I had had a lot of geese activity but the darn hunters around me where trying to shot them out of the sky as they flew by. Not giving me a chance to do anything. I do have a question being new to the whole goose hunting thing. The area I had to setup my decoys had pretty tall grass. I used my goose shells to sit on top of the grass, otherwise the decoys would be hidden. Have any of you had luck hunting this way? Do the geese know that grass is pretty tall and not land there? In another area the grass was matted down so I place some silhouette decoys there but for them to land there it would be like a plane landing on an airport due to the tall grass. Any advice would be nice to help my next hunt be successful.
  2. I've run into some skyjackers out a PRFWA myself. Always frustrating, but it is public ground. I have no idea on the tall grass thing...

  3. I feel for you , my goose ground still has corn. Do they make goose decoys 6' tall?
  4. I have put shells on top of beans that were ready to be picked before. And killed some birds. Anything that is visible for them, will bring them closer. They might not land, but will give you a good fly-over look, and that could be all you need.;) ;) ;)