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  1. A pirate walks into a bar and the bartender says, "Is that a steering wheel in your pants mate?"

    The pirate says, "GRRRRRRRR, why yes it is, it's driving me nuts!"
  2. a woman goes to walmart to get her husband a birthday present. as she walks by the sporting goods she eyes a fishing pole and decides she wants it. but knowing nothing of fishing she goes to the counter to ask about it. she finds that the guy at the counter is blind and figures he can't help. he says i assure you mam if you let me touch the pole i can tell you all you need to know. she did and he told her it was a mitchel graphite with a zebco 33 with 15 pd. test and cost $20. being amazed she said i'll take it. well she dropped her wallet and bent over to pick it up and broke wind. well being embarresed she thought well he won't know who done it since he's blind. she said here's the money and he said that'll be $34.50 she said i thought you said $20 he said yea but the rod and reel is $20 but the duck call is $11 and the catfish bait is $3.50

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  4. two little boys are sitting in their bedroom before they go down for breakfast and the one says to the other hey lets say some swear words. The other one agrees and they walk down to breakfast. The mom asks the first little boy what he wants for breakfast... " ah i dont know give me some of those damn cheerios." The mother back hands the boy and sends him sprawling across the kitchen floor he runs up stairs crying. She turns to the other boy and says what do you want to eat. he says " I dont know but you can bet your ass its not cheerios."