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Pistol cartridge rifle during gun season >>>

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by RawDog, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. Who shoots what during gun season? I am thinging about a 44 this year..............
  2. I am thinking of an Easton Axis, with a muzzy tip.

  3. Usually i stick with my bow, but the times that i do go out with the gun i'm toting my 50 cal. muzzleloader.
  4. I'll stick with my Remington 870. I don't own or plan to own any PCR's.
  5. I bought a Marlin 1894 Lever .44magnum and a H&R .500 S&W Magnum Can't decide which to shoot
  6. Mathews Switchback XT.

    One or two times ... T/C Omega

    Maybe it might make it out in the field one time ... Marlin 1894C .357
  7. Switchback XT, and maybe .50 cal muzzy.
  8. Marlin 1894 in .44 Magnum with a 4X scope on top.
  9. bow only here. If it gets to 4th and 10 with no time on the clock, Ill take pull out the muzzleloader.
  10. Brew... are you and I the only ones left that shoot good 'ol Winchester slugs...??? My buddies are all ate up with Lightfields & Hornadys...
  11. Commando, that's the rifle I'm going to buy the wife. We've been scouring the internet looking for one in great shape at a good price. The problem is that these have been made since the 60's (and discontinued in 2006), so many of them have been beat up pretty good from years spent in the deer woods.