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places in Michigan

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by iceman10, May 10, 2006.

  1. Looking for a awesome place to stay & fish in Michigan around labor day ,anyone got any suggestions ?:help: We dont have a large boat 16 footer . Usaually go to houghton lake but wanting to try something different! Thanks in advance the ICEMAN10
  2. Da Yoopers swear by!!??

    Ice, if you don't mind driving try the U.P's Lake Michigammee. It is just outside of Marquette near Ishpeming (I think the address is actually Champion, Mich.). Decent walleye fishing, good smallies, northerns, and even giant musky (that could be tough to catch), you can also get into perch, etc. It's about a 10 hour drive from Garrett here, but not too far for a good extended Mem. Day weekend. My best friend's Uncle owns Michigammee Shores campground right on the lake. It's a full service campground...very nice.

    It's a suggestion...
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  3. I like Muskegon, there are several nice lakes, Muskegon lk, Silver Lk, and Stoney lk nearly every type of fish available within a 20 mile radius, good lodging and campgrounds, and plenty of attractions if the weather does not permit fishing.
  4. ccavacini

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    Up around Traverse City, there's a lake called Skeegmog....good walleye, smallmouth fishing. It also gives you access to Elk Lake (Huge). And if you're tired of fishing, you can run into Traverse City for some shopping.
  5. Life before kids....

    My wife and I used to always go on vacations to the AuSable Marina and Resort in Oscoda. You have access to the big lake for walleyes, good trout fishing, good smallmouth (when does their season open?). If you time it right the salmon and steelhead runs are great, and during the fall steelhead run there is also a sucker run (not making that up) which is a blast.
    The marina has boats, they rent cabins by day or week, nice cabins with 2 bedroom, small kitchen and heater....indoor toilets. Reasonalbe drive up the river to some fantastic trout fishing, and the small towns have all that antique type crap if you get dragged away from the water by your wife for "quaility" time...
  6. Saturday before Memorial Day.
  7. Hey james are we going to coldwater lake opening day for smallmouth? Sorry iceman the only lakes take I use to fish a lot was coldwater and the randel chain, don't know much about Mich.
  8. Traverse city

    I agree with the comment about traverse city area. Skeegemog is a good is elk lake. If you go a little farther north (1/2 hour) there are the chain of lakes in the ellsworth/central lake, MI area (6 lakes i think) that you can launch your boat and hit all of the lakes. Some of which are 5-6 miles long. Great fishing (walleye, muskie, gills, pike, bass.) From northern indiana its about a 4 1/2 hour drive but there is plenty of fishing and plenty of state campgrounds.
  9. Agree with Weimer

    I spent my summer vacations at Michigamme from the age of 7 to 16. Life has kept me away far too long, but the fishing was fantastic. Lots of smaller lakes with good launches even back in 1990. My uncle still goes every year. Was called Philomena(sp) on the Lake.
  10. you lost me with "agreed with weimer"
  11. Forgive him; he's new....he'll learn all about Dean in time I'm sure.