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Plan of Attack

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by LoveHunting, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. What's everyone's plan of attack for this upcoming turkey season? I plan on setting up in an area I've been huting for about 4 years now. It's a good flat and turkeys love to roost. I usually just sit tight and listen to the gobbling early, let out a few calls and if they don't come in I still just sit there. What's happened the last few years is they get close and I'm assuming they meet other hens along the way but they tend to always come in later. Sometimes gobbling sometimes not. Anyway just wanting to hear some different tactics. 1 MONTH TO GO!
  2. I just bounce around between my 5 turkey honey holes. The birds use the same areas year in and year out. Just have to be there when they are in the mood. I like to hunt weekdays as much as possible. Less other jokers out there over calling and educating birds.

    I've got preferred areas, but kind of let the birds tell me what to do, so I adjust my set ups accordingly.

    I'm totally focussed on the youth season. I've to a PRIME area that will have no competition. Set up the Double Bull and hopefully get a bird to come in for my daughter.:coolgleam

  3. the way the weather has been you may have to change tactics slightly...things are going to be much more leaved out in the woods therefore the birds harder to hear/see...season is too late especially here in far south anyway but will be worse this year...hens are laying now so they are out of winter pattern and in a more predictable breeding pattern...problem is most of breeding will be done by season so toms will be going into post-breeding pattern...good luck
  4. I've secured permission at a few more spots this year so I can bounce around. Last year proved to me that some areas with a lot of pressure can become suddenly devoid of very many gobblers if they come to calls well.
  5. 1) Question why in the 2006-2007 hunting regulations my portion of Whitley county is closed to turkey hunting, but an e-mail from the DNR (wildbulletin) sent on March 13, 2007 shows that only Henry county is closed to turkey hunting?:coco:

    2) Plead them not to open turkey hunting back up since I have seen no birds for 3 plus years.

    3) Wonder why it matters, as in who would hunt them if there aren't any around anyway.

    4) Wish Indiana would stock them like Michigan did years ago rather than the shotgun appraoch they did use.