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planing my spring trip, could use a little information please

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well I am taking a couple extra days and making an extra stop on the way fishing by shakamak or minnehaha and green sullivan, could use a little information on these places. I,m going down with my dad and a few of his buddies to daviess county to fish and would like to fish somewhere in that area but not sure where to start at, got a motel room for the night in linton. So any information you couold share would be great or personal message me please. thanks alot
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I was down that way 2 weeks ago, fishing turtle creek resevoir. Had bad weather, and got skunked. I used to fish minnehaha alot, and the lake that is next to the DNR station is stocked with Rainbows, and if you follow that lake around to the north west corner, I had a lot of luck catching bass there. In that same area is a set of lakes I believe are called Holdenbrand. These are always good panfish lakes. DNR website should have good info and maps for the area.
Good Luck
well we are after panfish. could even use some info on area bait stores.
Bait Shop

Trotters Sports is the most central location I can think of. But many of the local gas stations have bait and info.

Trotters Sports
558 S. Section Street
Sullivan, In.
(812) 268-3559

Easy to find on

Let me know how you did.
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thanks alot will be going down in may does anybody else know of good gill or crappie spots in that area.
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