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Plans for Memorial Day???

Discussion in 'Indiana Fishing Reports' started by alhersch, May 22, 2006.

  1. Just wondered what your plans are for the weekend and decided to start a thread about it. For me it's gonna be camping at Twin Mills Campground like we do every year for the past 5 or 6 at least. I/we go with my parents every year and probably will till I get my own camper or tent. I haven't decided yet if I will pull the boat up or not. I don't know if the fishing at the lake there is any good or not, or if I will have time to go fishing this year. Seems like we always go to the big auction on saturday in Ship for breakfast every year and just kinda do whatever the rest of the day, visit family, go shoppin(wooo hoooo). Has anybody ever fished in the lake by Twin Mills?


  2. Fish, eat, fish, eat, listen to the Indy 500, play lifeguard while the kids swim, fish, eat,
  3. camping at patoka .flippin washers and fishing.
  4. DAMMIT BOY thats my kind of weekend... might add The "WILDTHING" with the Wife...:biggrin:
  5. Well I am going to Fish Saturday, go to Scott's Sunday and fish and then Monday I think I will FISH FISH FISH. Can't get enough.
  6. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    I got out of the Navy in 98, one day in early april of 99 an old millitary budy of mine called out of the blue and said he was coming into town with a friend of his that gets 10 tickets to the 500 every year because his friends dad works as a sports broadcaster up in wisconsin. he then says he has 8 tickets left and i could have one if he stays at my house for the weekend and wanted to see if i could scalp the other 7. So we start talking about other lost friends in the navy and before you know it we are both on the phone contacting old budys. Well to make a longer story short i have at least 7 friends that make it here every year they will start coming in early friday morning. i realy look forward to this weekend almost as much as the bow opener. whats really cool is we start planning in january and if someone cant make it we will look up someone else and give them a chance to come in. so if your in Indianapolis this weekend and ya see a yard full of flags and banners stop in for a beer,
  7. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Head up to the lake and see if I can get my pontoon started. Also, have to get a new transfer pump...and I'll fish as much as I can.

    p.s. Anybody heading north on 69 toward Michigan, make sure you go the speed limit...there's construction north of Auburn (it's 55) and Smokey is real determined to slow everyone down.
  8. Those Smokey s are takin that construction area real SERIOUS , the 55mph starts at highway 20 & goes to the Michigan line. Be safe & GOOD FISHIN :coolgleam
  9. Brewer!!!!!!!! I've never......:bonk:

    My weekend will consist of something a little different this year. Last year I was in Minnesota walleye fishing. This year my weekend goes something like this...
    Fri. Night: Date with Beer
    Sat. Night: See above
    Sunday at 10: Golfing with Wedding Party (one of best friends getting hitched), followed immediately by Bachelor Party(??????????)
    Mon.: Recovery from above events

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  10. We know!:evilsmile
  11. Well my plans are finally set and fish fish fish is what I am going to do.
  12. Dean,

    I follow the sentiments that you described above, except for the golfing thing and bachelor party. Instead of golfing on Sunday, I will be fishing in Southern Indiana. Listening to the 500 while drinking excessively. Passing out for a little bit and then watching/listening to the 600.

    Have a great weekend everyone. You can drink, but please, DON"T DRIVE!!
  13. gonna go home see the grandsons sat., sun go chase some suzie's, mon come home do some fishin. everybody keep in safe and have a good one.
  14. fish, race

    Fish Patoka Saturday, go to the race on Sunday. Been to the race every year for the past 27 years. Started when I was six when my mom worked PR for Airway (now target) and got me in the garage and the pits for years. Talk about getting a poor little boy hooked on racin. Got to meet, talk to Mears, Rutherford, A.J., all the good old boys. Good luck everyone. Probably grilling and drunk all day Monday (pray before the feast for the boys overseas, visit ww2 vet. grandfather alot of the day).