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Planting sumac as a cover or fence.

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Bob DuCharme, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. Has anyone heard of using sumac as cover?
    Can I just get seed from the red tops and break it up and spread it on the ground and have it grow?

    Can I frost seed it?

    If anyone has heard of this let me know. I would like to do something quick and easy along part of my property line to create a boarder that is quick. I know how fast that stuff grows, and that bucks love to rub it too.
  2. I bought smooth sumac this year from the state. They are 1 year old saplings and will be delivered this spring. Cost is minimal and you have a jump start by 1 year. I was going to plant mine in grooves for cover, browse, and a place for them to rub. I am hoping they will grow well in some poor soil sites I have that won't grow much else.

    If you are looking at making a border, I would recommend black locust. Be carefull because it will send out runners and form a thicket and will/can become invasive (especially on good soil), but.....
    It has thorns which might deter trespassers
    It grows like crazy. I have two year olds that are as tall as my shoulder, 4 year old specimens that are over my head, and 6 year old trees that are 6-8 inches in diameter and 15-20 feet tall. The trees matured and started flowering on the fifth year. I think the deer will eat the seed pods, I know they do on honey locust.

    If you want to wait a few years, eastern red cedar would be a nice border. It is denser than white pine and seems to survive bucks rubbing them better than the pines do. They also do well in poor soil.

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