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Please check out our latest sponsor

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Steve, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. Steve

    Steve Admin Mod

    Illinois Trophy Outfitters. They are our first native Indiana sponsor here and I know you guys will have them your full support.
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  2. I clicked on the link and it looks like they are from Illinois not Indiana.......or am I missing something.

    Either way..........glad they're a sponsor.

  3. Newest sponsor

    The link does show them as Illinois Trophy Outfitters. Either way welcome and thanks for being a sponsor.
  4. I have had the un-fortunate opportunity of being on the inside of some of these outfitters in Illinois. First of all........all the pics of the larger deer were taken by the owner of the operation or the guides. As with most outfitters this is typically the case. Also they comment on operating under a 140"min. The majority of the deer on their pic site are not 140" deer and would be lucky if they made the 120" mark. I have seen a lot of ugly things from outfitters in the land of lincoln. They show you all these pics of deer that were taken but never tell you when and by who!?!? For example I have a friend who guides for an outfitter in Pike Co. They have a website showing many nice bucks. Most of them were taken by the owner before he started the outfitter business. It is all a big mirage to suck you in to paying $2800-$3500 for a five day hunt. Most of the hunters get put on sub-par land that has been overhunted by the constant trafficing of hunters week in and week out. Once again boys it is all about the money with little benefit to the hunter paying large amounts of money to hunt an overhunted spot. Be very careful in selecting an outfitter if you ever do so. Most of them are in it for the money only and care little about the customer!! Steve..........You have to ask yourself "Is this really what we want representing this forum and our state"??? If you have seen what I have seen in the last ten years regarding outfitters in Illinois you would not want this coming to our state. Forget about the hunting we know now. It will be big money hunters only and the little man will be left out. Leases in Illinois are going for $25-$30 per acre. Who can afford that??? I know I cant!! I know this from experience and being on the inside of many outfitting businesses in Illinois. Again this is only my opinion so take it as you wish!!
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  5. i know a guy who got sucked in on one of those 3500 hunts in ill. and never saw a shooter.
  6. Booooooooooooo!!!!

    Down with Steve.....................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just kiddin' buddy!!

    These guys could have a good business though. But, Hoyt is right, many of their bucks aren't 140s or better. Maybe those unfortunate hunters had to pay extra.
  7. Turkey Hunts

    What about Turkey Hunting at this place???
  8. The property I hunt in Pike Co. buts up to a farm that HADLEYCREEK.COM owns. You would not believe what they do!! I run into guys right on the border who are under the impression they are in a remote area that has not been hunted all year!!:16suspect If they knew what I knew.........There is no way I would pay $3800 for a rut hunt. For that kinda cash they better put me in an area that has not been hunted for 5 yrs...:coco:

  9. Turkey hunting


    If the same things applies to Turkey that Hoyt is writing about with deer, then I wouldn't even consider it. The truth be known, I wouldn't pay that kind of money to hunt deer or turkey anywhere.