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Pokagon Second Hunt

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by tinyt, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. Here is the result of the second hunt at Pokagon State Park this year. Was a bad hunt, 25 minutes in the stand and three down. Two bucks and a doe. Hunt was in December just took me awhile to get the pics.
  2. That heavy beam spike is mine! I think it might make the books. Haha

  3. Some UGLY dudes there! :lol:
  4. Not very nice J.L. :bloos: Way to go fellers!!!!
  5. Hard to tell from the photo, but did you find the deer from the parks to be thin? They look like they were in pretty fair shape.
  6. Again I say there is some good eating.
  7. I used to work at the state park as an security officer and seen a lot of deer on third shift. I seemed as if a lot or most of the deer were the size in the photo. But don't get me wrong, I did see some monsters in the park. Which is rare I think. The three deer you see in the photo ranged from 90 lbs to 115 lbs. It was a great time just felt weird to carry a shotgun hunting during archery season. And yes, Good Eating. Our freezer is full!
  8. I worked at the Pokagon this past summer and after talking to the Naturalist there he said that the herd is much healthier now then what it was prior to the hunts in the park. It use to be you could not find a green color 6 foot and down anywhere within the park and the deer looked terrible. Now there is an abundance of green vegatation and the deer are looking healthier and descent deer size sightings are much more frequent.
  9. Angler has it right. The deer are starting to become healthier every year. The hunts in the park is doing it well. I believe the raccoons in park are a major concern at this point. I never went a shift without seeing atleast 30 raccoons. They management of the deer herd by the Naturalist is allowing travelers to see more deer and healthier animals.
  10. Good to hear the reports on the park deer, the hunts seem to be helping.
    30 coons ! That's a stinkin' lot of coons. Sounds like it could be a festering ground for rabies.
  11. It sounds like a lot but I am not lying. Year 2004 and 2005 I never took my raccoon complaints in the campground, but in 2006. Wow, it seemed that every shift I had to write a report or speak with a camper reference the raccoons. I'm sure that the Naturalist will pull a trick out of his sleeve and manage them too.
  12. Yeah, the deer look a lot better there than they used to for several they're actually afraid of people and don't eat marshmallows and Slo-Pokes out of people's hands.
  13. Maybe they will introduce a small group of those vicious Terre Haute Hill Lions. They seem to be evasive and cunning. Certainly smart enough to take a few racoons in the park!!:evilsmile
  14. They actually had a PACK of coons rip through a convertable top to get at the food the campers thought was safe inside their car!