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Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by treehugger, May 12, 2006.

  1. I saw that yesterday too, pretty cool. Sounds like they gave the hunter a hard time there for a little bit.

  2. well in the article it said they seized the bear. if he killed the bear legally does he get the bear back? lot of money down the tubes if he doesn't.
  3. They actually took the bear for DNA testing. They did return the bear to the hunter.
  4. that's something. to have killed the 1st polargrizz ever taken.
  5. Leads you to wonder...

    Was the polar bear,grizzled...
    or was the grizzly bear, polorized?
  6. now that's a good question. the article said the dad was a grizz and momma a polar so i think the ole polar bear got grizzled.
  7. There are folks who might argue that the female is the one who grizzles or polarizes...especially folks that have been married for a while.....
  8. WOW what a deal I don't know what was what that was what I just don't know. But I think the man should get the bear.
  9. now thats a trophy but it better be for 50,000 dollars that would pay for quite a few giant buck hunts
  10. Half-man/half-bird commenting on a half polar/half grizzly???

    Hey Quail, you stoled my identity...could you leave me something??? Actually, I think you are BI-POLAR!!!!!!

    WHo said that?
  11. In the words of One Snoop Doggy Dogg..."She shizzled the grizzle's nizzle...that bizzle!"
  12. for shizzle my nizzle

    :yeahthat: bipolarizzle
  13. If I'm starting to think like you, I'd better up my medications.
  14. :bonk:
    now that's funny