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(Positive) Update for non-PCR folks...

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Old Ironsights, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. FWIW... my .410 Super Slug programme (.410 SLAM/CB) is proceeding apace.

    I now have a 140gr 50/50 WW/pb cast slug that has tested to sub 3" at 100yds (bench, scoped smoothbore) with a MV of aprox 1850fps out of standard high-brass hulls.

    A bit more testing and I'll post data.

  2. Why? I'm talking about a SHOTGUN SLUG.

    I'm sure there are some .410 shooters here who might be interested in wringing the maximum potential out of their smoothie.

    Just because the Rule passed doesn't mean I'm not interested in continuing to develop a reasonable and more effective .410 deer load.

    Don't be petty. This info will be as useful here as anywhere else.
  3. I would be more than willing to apologize if one person posts to this thread that they find your ballistic information useful to their sporting activities, or at least enjoyable reading. Now, I'm going to run down the road to the new shooting range at Atterbury and shoot my Glock.
  4. I for one kind of find it interesting. I'm not into slug gun hunting and think the 410 was the worst decision the IDNR ever made in making them a legal round for deer hunting. But I find it cool that someone is actually making an effort to come up with a custom load that will make the an effective deer hunting round.

    Good work OI. I commend anyone that is dedicated enough in their particular interests to go above and beyond what the accepted "norm" is. I'm not a reloader and have little interest in it, but I certainly can respect the creativity that comes out of some of you reloading junkies.
  5. I'm with OIS on this one.

    My kids are out of school as of today. As we speak here, my oldest daughter is at home working on her Hunter Ed material. Where a .410 wouldn't be my first choice for deer hunting (I'd like to introduce her to my .50 cal M/L over the summer) she just may end up using her smooth bore H&R .410 this year or choose to use her bow. Either would be fine with me if it means she's out hunting with me.
  6. OIS, don' t own a .410 myself, but find you experimentation interesting, go for it!
  7. I love the .410. I have a single shot savage that is an absolute treat to fire. Ask jones.

    If I can get my fiance to learn, it will be her deer gun. And I might be buying ammo from OIS...haha
  8. Would have anyway. ;) But apology accepted.

    Thanks for the feedback guys. See, I'm not "all PCR all the time" :tongue:


    So far this project has taken about a year just to get to the first workable mold.

    But I hope to have safe loads worked up by late August. :chillin:
  9. OIS,

    I'm no ballistic junky, but would you mind explaining what exactly you are doing to the load, compared to the standard load?
  10. Well, the standard 2-1/2" .410 slug comes in at about 90 - 100 gr weight, i.e. 1/5 or 1/4 oz. (3" can see 110gr in Russian Bernaul/Saiga ful-metal cartridges).

    I'm attempting to put a heavier slug - up to 1/2 oz or roughly 180-210gr - in front of a long-burn-time double-based progressive puwder to get muzzle velocities into the 1800fps range. That would give the .410 energies equivelent to a hot .357 Mag rifle carridge. If I can get 2000fps it makes .41mag class.

    So far, best we've come up with is 160gr at 1900... but the pressure from the powders used by the mold maker/tester is higher than I like it.

    In essence, what I have now is equivilent to a stout .357-158gr. Which makes it excellent at 50yds, decent at 75, and doable without being unethical at 100.

    Recoil is in the 7ftlb range out of a 7lb gun.

    At any rate, what I've got is a .41 cal semi-hard-cast bullet (way better than OEM swaged lead) that has tested to under 3" at 100yds, but uses powders I'm not totally comfortable with.

    But there are some really neat new double-based powders that should make a big difference.

    I'm hopefull anyway.

    As it stands, my loads are/will be safe for Marlin and Winchester 410 leverguns, since they are really just smoothbore .444s. They MIGHT be safe in a heavy barrel Bolt or Break action, but untill I get solid pressure data I wouldn't use them in any thin-barreled shotgun - so I won't post the data until that safety factor is verified.
  11. I am with Eric on this one, POST it somewhere else.
  12. Man oh has 410 all riled up!;)
  13. Tuck, with all due respect, it is a shot gun load that the guy is trying to develop. He's trying to make a marginal round that has been legal for a couple years into something that will provide acceptable performance levels. It has nothing to do with rifles. Give it up buddy, sometimes it is just best to look the other way and bite your tongue if you don't have anything nice to say.

    Again, I am no gun junkie, but I truly appreciate guys that are dedicated to their interests to take something to the next level.

    If you could develop a better B-moth for catching gills, you'd be proud and sharing up your findings with others too 410.;) OK, you'd never let Dew or JL in on it, but I'm sure you'd share the science with a good guy like me.:biggrin: