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Possible Indiana World Record Buck

Discussion in 'Indiana Outdoor News' started by Steve, Nov 20, 2005.

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  1. Steve

    Steve Admin Mod


    Rumor has it that someone in Morgantown shot a 220 incher last weekend. May qualify as the new record.
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  2. WOW what a deer. Congrats on this massave animal.

  3. Unless I'm wrong, the photo in this post is of the old (current) record of a 214-215 deer, not the one that is being rumored from IN at 220. Will take 60 days to confirm the # too, wouldn't it?
  4. I think this is the right photo. The guy is wearing a hat that says "The Outdoorsman Sportshop". That is where the rumored possible record breaker was checked in. One other thing, the guy in this picture isnt the one who killed it, it was this guys 19 year old son who shot it. Shot on unmanaged farmland where 5 other guys hunted and this deer had never been seen by anyone till the day he was killed. Great buck, but i dont think it breaks the world record and it may not even break a state record becuase this deer could easily be scored a non typical buck.
  5. I think this could easily be scored as a typical because even though its not the average cookie cutter shape of a whitetail rack, its very even. They say it green score over 220 but with deductions and shrinkage it should be close to 200. I believe that this will be a new state record but short of the world record held by Mitch Romploa. Yep...Rompola. Its real and if anyone has bothered to read the latest local news in Travers City Michigan they would know as well. The Rompola buck was examined, scored and out-scored Milo Hansons buck by a few inches. Rompola signed a legal contract that says he wont publicly expose his score to Boone and Crockett panel until someone else beats Hanson's buck. Every year the United States is pumping out bigger and better bucks. so...congrats to the man who killed this massive buck and congrats to Mitch Rompola who has the worlds biggest buck but not the title. I also would rather support a hunter like Rompola over Hanson any day, Rompola hunts all year and is an avid sportsman, where Hanson is a novice that damn near shoots the bucks rack off before getting lucky and finally hitting some vitals on a running deer. It all boils down to this formula "Rompola+huge deer+hunting ethics+skill=Biggest buck ever, and Luck+ high powered rifle+blind shooting+Milo Hanson+non-hunting rich man=Luckiest shot in deer hunting.
  6. It in fact is a deer taken in Morgan Co. and it was checked in at the Outdoorsman in Greenwood, In. I have seen the color pic and its awesome.
  7. I have seen the picture deer at the Outdoorsman. I have heard that it will go Typical state record, 1st in the U.S. and 2nd in the world. That is one huge deer. I am glad to see Indiana deer getting bigger.

    Congrats on the Biggin'
  8. Is this the same deer that came out in the indiana fish and game magazine this week? It sure looks to be.
  9. Saw the pictures myself and all i can say is let's get out there and hunt. There is another one somewhere that is bigger ( There always is). What an awe inspiring animal. Could you imagine watching that walk through the woods to you.
  10. Does anyone have a color picture that they can post
  11. Deer Killed In Morgantown,indiana

    Does Anyone Have A Color Picture They Can Send Me
  12. Does anyone have any additional info on this harvest? It would be difficult not to shoot at a buck like this if you already had one under your belt. Some people do it though, and check the buck under another hunter's name. It's called party hunting and it is illegal in Indiana.
  13. Looks like this is the new place to post any new info on this buck (the other one got closed).
  14. i have a color picture of this deer, but i can't figure out how to post it. if anybody has a clue, please let me know.
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