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possum gadwalls and ugly racks

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by DBurris, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. My Indiana outdoors adventures include possum,gadwalls and ugly rack deer. I own and operate four different businesses. I also have a wonderful family that of course leads to school functions and athletic events. I enjoy my busy life. Mother Nature knows my time is limited so she helps out in very curious ways. When I trap she leads every possum to my trap locations to insure my raccoon harvest cannot be to overwhelming. She entices a flock of mallards into my decoy spread but pushes the lone gadwall into the shot string . She also rewards my efforts of scouting, deer stand placement, and patience by ushering a broken missformed racked buck inside my smokepoles sights. Trust me I am no whining. Skinning possum,eating gadwalls and dragging an ugly deer to my truck are part of the outdoor adventure in Indiana I have accepted.
    In future dialogs I will explain my wonderful hunting partner who enjoys my efforts to make his hunts easier. My son who has become a better shot than his father in two short years of experence. And lastly my beautiful wife who allows me the time away from her basket collecting, candle party and Indianapolis Colts affliction to see what next suprise Mother Nature will bring me. Dont feel sorry for me and my relationship with Mother but enjoy that she keeps busy with me to allow all of you experienced outdoorsmen go fortune.
  2. Basket collections and candle parties? I think we're married to the same woman! Welcome to the forum, D, I'm sure you'll fit right in.

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    Welcome to the site...and thanks for filling out your profile for us.
  4. Welcome- look forward to reading your posts :)
  5. Welcome!!!

    Greetings Mr. Burris!!!!! Welcome!!! Do you like crossbows??;)
  6. Dean, button your lip for 3 seconds and let him settle in before we throw him to the wolves.

    Welcome to the site, Guys like Treehugger, Quaildancer, JimmyLyons, Oldrookie, Dean, Madness and myself are pretty down to earth folks, we can chat with you without putting you down.

    Kinda beware of CNS, DJ58, JBWHTAIL...they were were hall monitors in elementary school and never turned in they're sash.

    Good Times, thats what its all about.
  7. :Welcome: :woohoo1: to the forum :fish: :fish:
  8. Welcome to the site.