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Potato Creek Fish Kill

Discussion in 'Northwest Indiana Fishing Reports' started by Hoosier_Steelheader, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. Wow, there are some nice Gills in there that would stand to be lost! :eek:

    From Cannel 16 WNDU:

    DNR plans chemical fish kill

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    Story filed by NewsCenter16 Reporter
    Judi Lykowski

    St. Joseph County, IN - A chemical fish kill at Potato Creek State Park is raising eyebrows.

    But the Indiana Department of Natural Resources says it's necessary to control an invasive species of fish in a lake

    A fishy situation

    Worster Lake located in Potato Creek State Park is native to many species of fish, but until recently not the gizzard shad.

    "We think somebody brought them in intentionally,” said Bob Robertson, DNR.

    And ever since 1990, the DNR has spent thousands of dollars trying to fight their presence.

    "It's had a big impact on the fishery, the blue gill fishing had declined a lot in a short period of time and we think it's due to the gizzard shad,” said Robertson.

    Robertson is the district fishery biologist and says recent counts show the gizzard shad is one of the highest populated in the 327-acre lake. So this summer the DNR is planning a chemical kill.

    "We are talking about using only 2/10th of a part per million, when often the chemical is used at four part per million,” explained Robertson.

    The chemical is called rotenoneand has been used before on this lake for the same purpose.

    "There may be a very few game fish compared to the gizzard Shad fish that will die,” said Robertson.

    But that concerns one veterinarian; she proposes another idea.

    "They will not get rid of them, live with them, that's the answer, live with them,” said Dr. Diane Williams.

    "For everyone who is concerned with each and every fish, we are too. But we think this is a matter of sacrificing a few for the benefit of sacrificing them all basically,” said Robertson.

    The DNR says the only way to completely get rid of the fish is to drain the lake.

    They say using the chemicals is a way to keep the population down without killing all of the other species.

  2. They just did this about 5 years ago and now its back to the same way. My thoughts are they need a different solution. I fished there a few times last year and the shad were everywhere you looked. I did catch a few LM there, nothing over 17".... Good thing about the shad,,,,, we watched a pair of Osprey dive in the water and catch them,, they were cool. 1 of them dove in about 75 yards behind my boat. Was cool. Everytime we wnt out there last summer we saw the Osprey feeding.

  3. I belieive they are called muskie!
  4. They should put tiger Musky in there.
  5. If it is that much of a problem they need to just drain the lake and start all over. That way once it is drained and all of the fish are dead and gone they can start filling it back up and the lake should be fishable within a couple of years. If it is really that bad they just need to do it and get it over with.
  6. They need about 10,000 5-7 inch Musky put in that place that will take care of it i a few years.
  7. We camp there a couple times each summer. I take the kids down to Immigrant Pier to fish for gills. All they ever catch are those shad. Kids think it is cool, but it is just wrong IMO. There are so many in there, a b-moth on a hook isn't in the water more than a few seconds and you have a shad on the line.:mad:

    I say put in a predator game fish ... musky would be cool.:coolgleam
  8. This used to be one of my favorite Ice fishing lakes, but I haven't been there in 5 years, because all we were catching were dinks...They had some monster Gills in there way back when...
  9. I live in Lakevill just east of the park and we used to go there as a family (8-14 years ago) and we would have a BLAST catching 8-9" blue gill left and right and bass like crazy over the limit length. Now i quit fishing there because it's almost a waste of time...don't get me wrong I love being on the lake, but I don't go fishing just to float. I think some other species of fish would be great, but they need to get it back to the point where the KIDS camping can actually catch fish WORTH catching.
  10. My buddy took one Gill in 85 (he has it mounted in the skillet) that wouldn't fit in a #10 skillet. Haven't seen anything close to that caught there in years...
  11. I graduated from La Ville in 91,, and I can remember plenty of walks around that lake and catching bass till your arm was tired.......
  12. hey!!

    hey . im stephen. i live in north liberty like 5 miles from the lake and is seems like the lake is only worth fishing in the winter if your going for bluegills and the occasional perch. i fish there every winter and can kill the bluegill but it would be nice to put some pike and musky in there.

    P.S. nice buck garret!!!