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Potato Creek State Park Hunts

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by check171, Oct 21, 2006.

  1. I got Drawn for the 9-13+14th and the 12-4/5th hunt i never hunted it before anyone else going and have any advise not looking for the big boy just a meat hunt ..
  2. 35 reads and no replys :banghead3

  3. not sure on where to hunt . all i know when i was there was a lot of deer :woohoo1:
  4. I am Hunting in section 1 are you going to the meeting on SAt. the 4th?
  5. Good luck check, hope you get a nice one. There used to be so many deer there, that you could sit anywhere. Now they have it thinned out REAL WELL there. I was suprised to hear of them hunting it again.
  6. I was hoping it had a ton of deer there i drove thru it Sat. afternoon and seen a few not an overwhelming amount but a few so it looks promising i hope :yikes:
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  7. I grew up just north of the park and saw many, many, huge bucks there over the years. I once participated in the deer count there, and we counted 231 deer per square mile. Our count took place in the Southeast corner of the park starting at Ind 4 and Oak Road. The deer have been thoroughly hammered in the park over the last several years though. I always saw my biggest bucks on the New Road side where Potato Creek crosses it. Good Luck!
  8. Way to go Rory. Were you actually doing this count for the DNR? Can't believe they would bother. Must not have been the biology group.
  9. Yes, the DNR in the park organized the count. You could actually smell the deer there. One correction on my previous suggestion. I always saw my biggest bucks in the Park where Potato Creek crossed Redwood Road, not New Road.
  10. good luck to everyone that is hunting Monday and be safe
  11. Shot a doe and a buck a little 4 pointer went well :)
  12. I hunted at corner of New and Pine, right close to where the creek crosses and there were always bucks...ALWAYS 120-130's taken by the 5-8 hunters that hunted the property...everyone got a good buck EXCEPT me, but that was in my younger and dumber stages, still young and dumb, but not as bad.