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Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by HuntinIN, May 26, 2007.

  1. A farmer friend of mine in Owen county just about square bailed over 10 poults that looked to be just a few days old. The hen he saw circling and acting funny tipped him off, and saved the poults. So if you are out there bailing or bushhogging, be careful!:chicken:
  2. Tis also time to watch out for fawns.

  3. Saw a tom struttin' on the way to school two days ago. No poult sightings up here yet.
  4. guy i work with bushhogged a fawn, messed up its legs and clipped top of both ears off they took it to a lady in butler county ohio its eating but it wont walk.
  5. we ran a fawn through a mower conditioner one time. That was a nasty mess to clean up.
  6. I haven't seen any poults yet around here either.

    Last Friday evening, I saw two out strutting in a field just north of my house.

    Monday evening, I saw three hens out in a field, so I loaded my kids onto my ATV to go out and let them see the birds. When I got out there I saw them moving to my left around a small wetlands, so we hurried on the ATV to get around to see them better. When I got there, a coyote ran out in front of me, the turkeys were running everywhere, and a second coyote ran up on a hill out away from us. They were tag teaming those birds and we ruined there meal time, which I was more than glad to do. My girls thought it was cool since they had never seen a live coyote before. I just wish I'd had a gun along so they could have seen a DEAD coyote.:biggrin: Maybe next time.
  7. Those yotes always do that crap when you don't have a gun handy!:banghead3
  8. found out today that the fawn is up and walking
  9. Just got back from a little ride, and I saw two different hens that had the little ones out already. Just a few days old tops, I think it's the smallest poults I have ever seen before. Pretty cool.