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powerbelt loads

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Modern Firearms' started by DBurris, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. for the last two years my hunting partner, my son and I have all used powerbelt bullits in 245 and 295 grain. we all use 100 grains of pellet powder. The loads group great at 100 yrds on paper and are easy to load. Now when we have hit deer the load goes inside and destroys what ever is in its way. but! we have yet to get an exit hole and blood tracking is very minimal. This year my buck went 100 yrds after impact before going down double lung shot. 1st doe went 70 yrds after impact NO blood trail double lung shot. Last doe went 50 yrds double lung small drops on the trail. The lack of an exit wound really bothers me. anyone else seeing this or am i just being too critical:help:
  2. From other things I have read and my limited experience it seems this is an issue with muzzleloader loads like you stated. I shot a doe at 25 feet away this season and the Shock Wave 250 grain bullet with 100 grain Pyrodex powder did not exit the deer...I was amazed that there was no exit hole. There was a major blood trail and the lung was destroyed. Not sure why there was no exit hole on my deer or yours but you are not alone in your experience. :help:

  3. I have almost no experience with M/L, but I've heard the same complaints about lack of exit holes. I'm interested in hearing from others on this topic too.
  4. Powerbelts are made of very soft lead with only a copper wash on the outside to make them look pretty. They are notorious for not providing an exit wound or even if you get full penetration not leaving a decent blood trail. Go to your sister site at and do a search using "powerbelts" and you can read dozens of horror stories of lost deer or no blood trails. I used them in the past because they are very easy to load and gave good groups but i won't use them after shooting a doe at 50 yards last year, double lung shot, exit wound with virtually no blood trail. She only went 30 yards or so but it was in thick brush and it took me half an hour to find her. This was with snow on the ground, too! I literally found three drops of blood in that 30 yards.

    I have switched to shockwave bonded bullets in 250 gr. with the super glide sabots. They load just as easy as powerbelts and I'm getting pretty good accuracy from them.
  5. I to had problems the T/C Shock Wave so I went back to my T/C's XTP and I am very happy with those, shot my doe at 130 yards and she went about 35 yards and fell and the little six point buck I shoot him around 180 to 190 yards and he took three steps and fell. So I will stay with the T/C's XTP's 240 gr.
  6. They're much cheaper too!
  7. ive never had a problem with the PB bullets. I shoot the hollow point load and have had none of my does that i have shot with them go over 50 yards. Ive had exit holes as well. I shot the PB bullets with the aero tip design and I shot the Hornady SST loc n load bullet. Both of those sucked. I stick with the powerbelts in a hollow point finish and have found whole slugs stuck in the shoulders of some of the deer i have shot. Most of them get exit wounds. My setup is 100gr pyrodex with 295gr PB hollow point flat nose bullet.
  8. :yeahthat: use that exact same load and haven't had any problems.
  9. I personally have seen two deer shot with Powerbelts. Not one of them had an exit wound.......didn't matter they dropped in their tracks. This goes back to the MOST important thing.....SHOT PLACEMENT!

    FYI-I shoot 295gr Powerbelt HP w/ 100gr 777 powder. I tried the XTP's but didn't have the accuracy of the Powerbelt.
  10. I've got mixed opinions on the Powerbelts. I used to shoot the 245 gr ones. I killed a few deer with them, never lost a deer, but never had good blood trails. In a couple of them I did get an exit hole. But in every case, they did not just knock the wind out of the deer, so with little blood, tracking sucked.

    I was talking to a guy one day and he recommended the 295 gr ones. So I switched. I've shot 4 deer now with that bullet and in each case there was no exit hole, but the heavier bullet literally rolled the deer over. Tracking certainly hasn't been an issue. The last two deer were heart shot and the blood trail, while short, was like nothing I've ever seen. I'll have to dig out the picture at home of the one I shot last year in the snow. Looked like someone took 5 gal. pails of red paint and threw it everywhere. It is an impressive photo.

    That being said, I'm still not sold on these rounds. I have a buddy that has been having great luck with the T/C shockwaves. Also, I've shot, but not on a deer, the Precision Bullets . So far I'm very impressed with these and the reviews they are getting. I have these for my daughters muzzleloader and they are dead accurate. I need to do some more testing, but next year I just might use them for myself.
  11. newbie

    I am a newbie to the muzzleloader as well and find this thread informative. In all that I have read, "hardness" was an issue for Powerbelt. Anybody try the new platinum round. Supposed to be much harder but I think it only is available pointed.
  12. I used to shoot the shockwave but for the life of me I can't get the darn thing rammed down the barrell. It feels like I am going to break my ramrod in two. But I have had good exit wounds with both the shockwave and the powerbelt. I chose the powerbelt cause it is so easy to load.
  13. Power Belt bullets

    I have shot 7 or 8 deer with my ML using power belt bullets. In every deer when I butcher it I recover the slug. I kind of like the fact that the energy stays within the body. I have not had any of the deer I shot get out of my sight before collapsing. I am staying with what works real well.
  14. Easy Loading is why most guys choose powerbelts. I also had major problems loading regular shockwaves in my Encore. Shockwave has a new variety with an easy loading sabot called Super Glides and they are as easy to load as powerbelts are. You can get them with bullets weighing 250 or 300 grains both regular & bonded bullets. They have a plastic aerotip design for better accuracy at long range.

    If you are going to use powerbelts the concensus is that the heavier the better and don't use them with three pellet loads. I've also heard that the new platinum variety of powerbelts is still a very soft bullet and has the same problems with lack of exit wounds.
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  15. Curious about your shot placement. With shoulder shots I can see not getting an exit but if you are shooting double lung shots it sure seems like a bullet should penetrate completely. Personally, I'll trade a little lost energy for a nice wide blood trail. A lot depends on where you are hunting, too. If a deer I shoot goes more than 100 yards it has the potential for getting into really, thick, almost impenetrable swamp and most likely won't be recovered. I'm looking for a bullet that puts a BIG hole through the critter and causes massive blood loss quickly. I'll agree that powerbelts do some pretty impressive internal damage but I want the external wound and blood trail, as well.