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Practice, Practice, Practice...

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by anon782010, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. Anyone else been out with the bows everyday this week? Just me?

    Got that new Tru-Glo sight a few weeks ago, and when the weather took off, I couldn't wait to get out there and try it. Jones brought his fancy new bow over and humbled me and my old wheelie bow, but some of the kinks are getting worked out, and that new sight is making a whole WORLD of difference(twice i have put two arrows through the same 2 flaps in the target). Not as much as a new Mission bow would...haha...but I am definitly a whole lot more confident in my bow now than I was a few months ago.

    Anyone else been out there with this nice weather?

    Anyone going to try something new in their setup this year?

    Is it too early to start the Oct. 1 countdown??

    It is 153 days, 19 hours, 22 minutes and 41 seconds until Monday, October 1, 2007 at 7:00:00 AM (New York time)
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  2. Shooting everyday got a new setup this year,got the dreanlin,and love it.i've been hitting all the local shoots,and already shooting better than last year.

  3. I was out there the other night slinging arrows at the water bottle (make shift turkey neck) LOL
  4. No changes for me this year. Last year, changed to a new bowstring, sights, rest and added slick trick broadheads ( the does I took still fell to my Razorback broadheads). I like how my bow shoots, like the changes in store for me this year, other than a nice buck to lay a slick trick on.
  5. I never really put the bow down. I typically shoot several times a week in the back yard. Just finished up league. Andy and I got third place as a team. Won a heavy discount on a Texas hog hunt next spring.:biggrin: It's been a couple years since I've gone down there hog hunting. Looking forward to it already.
  6. Ive been out about as much...... Lost one arrow, stirped the fleching off 3.
    Im not going to miss this year.......LOL.
    Hey! Anyone know of a 3d shoot i can go to? I'm a begginer just looking for some fun practice......
  7. It`s a little early for me, I usally start shooting around August.
  8. :yeahthat: I too am going to wait a little later in the year to start shooting regularly. Got burnt out before the season started last year. Was shooting the 3-D course 2 times a week and in the backyard about every night.
  9. Yeah buddy, been at it hard too. I still love this old browning.... ok it's only 3 years old, but for some reason (Traditional that's your doing) I put it down and started shooting my Wing recurve. I'm actually getting pretty decent out to 25 yards. May have to invest in some lighter arrows. This bow says 55 lb. pull but it's 62 on a scale. Need to strengthen those fingers up.
  10. marsh when you want me to bring my fancy bow over and school you a little more haha
    my "Fancy" bow wasn't even enough to buy half of a drenalin...i guess thats fancy in the not so affluent neighborhood haha
    i shot again friday night...still pretty...although the aluminum arrows aren't gonna fly...gonna have to scoop some maxima hunters i think...
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  11. Not this time...6 inch group today at 30, that isnt impressive to most, but leaps and bounds from a couple weeks ago...

    Things are much better than last time, Jones...haha
  12. I had mine out earlier in the year mostly because it was a new to me bow. Now days I hit the water every chance I get! I'll pick the bow up a couple times a month in the summer months an really start hittin it closer to season.

  13. Ill prolly drag the bow out and get serious about shootin in July. Right now i'm thinkin about Turkeys and fishin.
  14. OH YEAH! Every day I sling at LEAST 50 arrows at the target!
    Slacking today though, waiting for a new sight to arrive in the mail.

  15. Slung about 80 arrows today in two sessions...

    Startin to feel pretty good...arm is a little sore at the moment though..haha