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praire creek reservoir

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prairie creek reservoir

what potential does this place hold for nice catfish. Figure I gotta few days of nothing comming up and dont want to spend it at home. thanks for any info.

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Wednesday I am heading that way to take a look then to anderson, mounds state park to look around. No one has any info? I will let ya know what I find out.

Sorry I didn't see your post until now. Prairie creek channel cats usually run between 2 to 4 lbs. They are scattered from one end to the other. The numbers are fair and, if your good at reservoir catfish fishing, you might do well.

I would not recommend driving much of a distance for prairie creek cat fishing. Brookville reservoir would be a much better place. The place is loaded with 2 to 10 lb cats. Often while trolling for walleye, I will catch several nice cats. At times I have to move to another spot just because the cat fish will hit about every type of bait or lures I use.
just came across the post question----"channel cats through the ice?" :hide:
Not quite clear on your question, but I know a guy that regularly catches channel cats through the ice.
I wait for the soft water myself.
well i am wondering if ya did hook a big one it has to be tough to get him through the hole. and on top of that what kind of equipment does one use? caught some by accident myself through the ice and it was no picnic with my panfish equipment. i have enough trouble pulling bass through. i just have never seen anyone target them through the ice and am curious...
Speeking of cats, Has anybody ever fished Coomers? I have seen there web sight and heard guys talk, but is it realy as good as they make it sound.
Dont make a special trip for the cats over here at P.C.

nothin spectacular just an ordinary fishery for them some 5- 10 lbers caught occaisionally but the average fish is 2-4 lbs.
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