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Prairie Creek 04/04/05

Discussion in 'Central Indiana Fishing Reports' started by bestshot, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. Fished from 7:30 am till 1:30 pm. Caught 7 or 8 average crappie
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  2. Prairie Creek? I want to see a picture of that 15 1/2 crappie.
  3. I want to see one too I know this is a fish story.
    Pics I dont believe it. maybe a 12 or 13 I could believe but a 15 1/2?
    Not of out of P.C.
  4. I release my fish. You don't believe that a 15" crappie come out of the lake ?

    I just posted my report. Guess I could stop. I do not have to prove anything to anyone.
    The short time I was here, this was a pretty good forum. Looks like its time to move on. I never did like posting reports anyway.
    There is always someone calling a big fish report a lie. Photos are for braggers. I was lucky, no need to brag. :)

    Its not an every day crappie but, the lake does give up several 15" and 16" each year.
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  5. didnt mean to step on your toes...just relax...just wanted to see a photo...proofs in the pudding, right KID?
  6. Sorry that you feel that you were insulted.
    Not trying to call anybody out on a fish report , comment was took the wrong way. It was more of an in awe, with enthusiasm, comment.

    Rico tell him how excited I get over them big crappie.

    Absolutely Right Rico, Just wanted to see one out of the "Creek" that big, fished the lake for over 20 years and have yet to see one that big out of it.
  7. Bestshot don't take anything personal, I can tell you no one was dissing you. The built in problem with any message board is that writing does not allow for the intention of the author to be felt through the words. (what the hell?). Not being a part of this forum will only cost you in information and friendships. Sooooo, nice crappie, and post again soon. Til then watch yer topknot, and remember as Red Green once said, if your mind goes blank, don't forget to turn off the sound.
  8. Ok, I just woke up got to this area at 12:30 am and seen 2 post about doubting the size of my Crappie. It really got under my skin. The fact that I was in a hell of a bad mood didn't help matters. All is forgiven.

    When I'm in a boat fishing with someone, I can tell fish tales as well as anyone but, When ever I post a report, you can bet the farm its gospel.
    I spent to many hours fishing the wrong places because of people posting incorrect information. I know 3 people that actually think its funny to post reports full of lies. That's why I take my reports so serious. I take much pride in my reports. I might not post the spots, but I will help anyone I can.
  9. i just wanted to see a picture of the monster. i havent bagged the first fish at p.c. been there once ....
  10. I understand. I usually keep a camera in the boat because my best fishin bud (grandson) likes to see what I catch when he is in school. I removed the camera during the winter months.
    I will buy some film and put it back in the boat. Next time I'll snap a pix before I release the fish.

    I do have a pix of a 7 lb walleye I got at prairie creek. Plus a pix of a 14 - 1/4" perch I caught at summit lake. I know a 14-1/4" perch is no trophy but, its a big perch for central indiana.