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Prairie Creek 04/15/05

Discussion in 'Central Indiana Fishing Reports' started by bestshot, Apr 16, 2005.

  1. Grandson and I fished the lake yesterday (friday). We only caught 8 white bass. Caught them on a lindy rig, orange floating jig head tipped with a crawler.

    We didn't mark anything on the west side of the lake but, marked tons of fish on the east side. Tried, crickets, worms, minnows, leeches, beemoth and artificial baits. Just could not get anything but the whites to hit.

    The past few cold nights have lowered the water temp several degrees.
    We had a 10 mph north northeast wind. We dropped anchor in the back water for an hour or so, and I kept an eye on 20 or so people that were fishing the shore along some fallen trees. They weren't catching anything either.
    We fished for 8 hours and covered about every decent spot I know of. It was simply a bad day for that lake. [​IMG]

    If lake Erie is not muddy, I'm gonna go up there Monday or Tuesday and catch some of them big walleyes
  2. i'll buy the gas if you wanna swing by angola and pick me up.:cwm27: ahahahahaha

  3. I would but, I'm going up there to meet a member of my website. He has a very nice camper at a campground, and a big Lund Tiee.

    I would be afraid to take my little tin boat out on them waves. Last October, we were out in 6 to 8' waves. Never again.

    Anyone that thinks walleye fishing is hard, should go to Erie at least once. After fishing that lake, it takes me a couple weeks before I feel like walleye fishing here. Anyone can catch nice walleyes at Erie.
  4. Sorry to here about the tough day at the creek here is a nice bass caught on Thursday.


    and a 16 inch walleye caught later that evening.

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  5. Did you catch them at prairie creek ? I wanted to fish the predawn or evening hours but, I had things to do.
    this week I'm going to hit prairie creek several times before daylight.
    Trip to Eire is off for a couple days. Its raining there and the lake is pretty muddy. Might hit brookville if Erie don't clear up by tuesday.
  6. Yes those fish were caught out of the "creek". Have not had a chance to hit the morning bite but the evening bite has been OK but nothing spectacular.
  7. Had the best walleye fishin of my life this past Tuesday. Caught and released some very nice eyes.
    Got some pictures posted on my site. If you go to see them, make sure you look at the picture on the bottom of the page. Got a heck of a sun burn too. The day temp was sunny and 82 degrees.
  8. Looked at your site - great job - I enjoyed the State Poem by Arthur Mapes. I grew up in Kendallville, the same life-long home of the poet. I have had several of his grandkids in school. He was a cool guy - real down to earth - worked a Newnams Foundry his whole working life on a casting line. Wrote poetry about the people and places of Indiana in his spare time.
  9. thanks goggleye57. Yes, that man sure has a way with words. I have read several published writings of his.

    I'm still sore from reaching over the side of the boat to hand land them fish. I might never have a night like that again but, I'm sure gonna try it again next year.
    If It does happen again, I'm gonna take my cam corder with night vision. I want to be able to let everyone see just how many walleye that follow the hooked fish up to the boat. That was so awesome. I never had any idea they did that. I know small mouth did, but not walleye.