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Prarie Creek??

Discussion in 'Indiana Pan Fishing' started by IN-4-OUTDOORS, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. Looking Back At This Time Last Year You We All Posting About Going Back To Prarie Creek And Trying Your Luck!
    1) Where Is It Located?
    2) Did Any Of You Go?
    3) Are There Motor Restrictions?
    4) What Else Can You Tell Me About The Lake?
  2. Prairie Creek is about 10-15 miles outside of Muncie. I believe it is an electric-only least it was when I was at BSU. The electric company owns a lot (if not all) of the land around it...lots of good shrooming there. Lots of carp in the reservoir too. Good spearing.

  3. Love those carp, smoked, little basil and dill, mmm mmm
  4. I tried smoking carp once...couldn't keep the papers lit...:tongue:
  5. You have to dry the fish first. Try driving for a week with a nice 6 pounder laid over your engine block, that should do the trick.:fish2:
  7. Wha...???

    O.k. Coach, what exactly did you mean by "keeping the papers lit"? I don't get it brother!!!
  8. Like rolling papers..."smoking" carp...common, Dean.
  9. Never tried carp. But what is shrooming? I am not 100% on the Hoosier lingo yet.
  10. Morel mushrooms my man (how's that for alliteration?). The tastiest little buggers in the woods. :corkysm55
  11. Back to the subject at hand. Prairie Creek is not electric motor only. On the upper and more shallow part of the lake people can ski. From the main ramp to the west there is a speed limit--I think it is 15 mph. It used to have good carp populations, but in recent years those have bee supplanted by white bass, walleye and crappie. It is likely that not many will be planning trips to the lake this spring because they were having trouble with their launch ramp--you would know that if you ever backed your trailer over the edge and could not pull it out no matter how you tried--and they made the long awaited repairs to the ramp in the fall of '05 and into the winter. To make the repairs they had to nearly drain the lake. Pleole I have talked to say that even if we have a wet spring, it will probably be August before the lake fills again. You may want to call over there before planning a trip.
  12. Last i heard i think someone said the lake was down about 17 feet. People have been out there with metal detectors finding all kinds of stuff.

    Even as low as it is, i don't think it will take long for it to fill back up if we do get the spring rains. :fish: