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Press Release

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    Angela Goldman District Six Headquarters
    Indiana Conservation Officer PO Box 266
    Public Information Officer Nashville, IN 47448
    Cellular 812-320-9839 Office 812-988-9761



    Indianapolis Man Drowns at Eagle Creek Reservoir

    At approximately 4:00 pm on Sunday April 29, 2007 Conservation Officers, Indianapolis Metro Police, Pike Township Fire Department, and Indianapolis Park Rangers were called to Eagle Creek Reservoir at the Bird Sanctuary because of 911 calls about a man drowning. Dennis Harmon, 27, of Indianapolis, was enjoying the park with his family when he decided to go swimming. Witnesses said he was walking in about chin deep water when he started doggy paddling and then went under. Mr. Harmon was recovered in 9 feet of water at 4:23 pm by Pike Township Fire Department Divers. The water temperature was 67 degrees. Mr. Harmon was swimming in an area that is off limits to swimmers.

    According to Conservation Officer Jerry Jackson, “Even though the weather is warming up, the water is still pretty cold. It is important for anyone who goes in the water to have a life jacket on. Although it is not clear if this is what happened here, but sometimes the cold water can make a person cramp up and not be able to swim.”

    Angela M. Goldman
    Indiana Conservation Officer
    Public Information Officer
    Cellular 812-320-9839
    Dispatch 812-837-9536

    District Six Headquarters
    PO Box 266
    Nashville, IN 47448
  2. Sorry to hear that. God rest his young soul. Be carerul out there everyone.