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    Indiana Conservation Officers Angela Goldman
    District Six Headquarters Public Information Officer
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    Conservation Officers make three Boating While Intoxicated Arrests on Monroe Reservoir this Weekend

    Even though it was not a Holiday Weekend, Monroe Reservoir was still full of people enjoying the water. Most of those boaters were enjoying the water in a safe and family-friendly way. There were a few boaters however, who took the fun a little too far and put themselves and other boaters at risk. Conservation Officers arrested three separate boaters for Boating While Intoxicated (BWI) this past weekend.
    Eddie Williams, 40 of Bloomington was arrested Friday June 8 at approximately 9:30 PM. In addition to his BWI arrest Mr. Williams was also cited with operating without a driver’s license and not having enough life jackets on board the boat. On Saturday June 9 two more BWI arrests were made. In the afternoon at approximately 4:00 PM Adam Naugle 26, of Bloomington, was arrested for BWI on the reservoir. At 8:30 PM Clayton Cash, 28, of Greenwood was arrested for BWI in Allen’s Creek Bay. All individuals who were arrested for BWI this weekend at Monroe Reservoir were incarcerated at Monroe County Jail.
    According to Conservation Officer Dow Myers, “Because there is no “Open Container” law that applies to boats it is OK for everyone on board the boat who is of legal age to drink alcohol. However, it NOT OK for the boat operator to be drunk.” The legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit to operate on the water is the same for operating on the road, .08%. This is due in part because a boat is a vehicle as well, it just runs on water rather than the land. The consequences of crashing a boat are similar to that of a car or truck-- serious injury or death.

    Conservation Officers will be patrolling all of Indiana’s waterways this summer, looking not only for drunk boaters, but anyone who operates in a reckless way that puts others at risk. If you are the captain of a boat, be sure to operate it responsibly, do not drink and boat, and remember that you are responsible for your boat and all your passengers.

    Angela M. Goldman
    Indiana Conservation Officer
    Public Information Officer
    Cellular 812-320-9839
    Dispatch 812-837-9536

    District Six Headquarters
    PO Box 266
    Nashville, IN 47448