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Price of Fur

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I was curious what kind of prices trapping is bringing this year. Most curious about Fox & Racoon. Can someone here give me some idea of current prices?

Thanks, Robert
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Nothing now, but at the end of the season I think **** was around $5-10 and fox I think $10-15 maybe 20. Not really sure on the fox, just know it was down compared to last season.
fur prices

Fur prices were very sparatic this year from region to region around the state. The northern market held together much better than the southern. I sold 80% of my fur in the southern 1/4 of the state and it was very disgusting.. put up ***** went for around $6, fox $12 and coyote $14.

I had one nice catch in the truck on a Friday when I was headed up to Boone county for a weekend hunt so I just sold them up there.... up there I got $10 for ****, $14 for fox (Both red and gray) and $6 for coyote. The kicker is, not only are those better prices THOSE WERE IN THE CARCASS!!!! I was sick, I had sold so much fur down here while those guys up north were making decent money.... next year I'm taking mine up north if the market is like it was this year. :banghead3
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