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Primos Buck Roar

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by treehugger, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. Seems there has been a lot of discussion about the Buck Growl this year. I have used the Primos Buck Roar this season. It has worked tremendously well for me to get deer to respond to. It stopped bucks in their tracks while on the heels of hot does and changed other bucks directions to come and investigate. It worked really well in combination with a decoy. Just wanted to mention the Buck Roar in case anyone was still undecided on a buck grunt call for the firearms season. Good luck out there!!!
  2. Exactly what I've experience Tree. It is an awesome rut call. The bucks really seem to be eating this call up this year. I've got the MADD Growl too. It's worked, but not like the Roar call has.

    Some may recall that last week I reported witnessing the Roar or Growl in real life at 15 yards. They do it, I saw it first hand. And the other bucks come charging in when it happens. Cool stuff.:coolgleam

  3. hey randy did you do the snort weeze?
  4. I have heard both the buck roar and the buck growl but havent heard them together one after another. DEC, do you think that there is a differance in sound between the two?
  5. Yes Larry I did, I forgot to mention that. It also puts the skids to deer when they are traveling and helps bring in bucks. I used both the grunt and the snort weeze on the buck I shot Sunday and when I saw him earlier Sunday morning doggin' a doe. It definitely helps turn them around when possibly nothing else will get them over to you.
  6. I Know Where ....

    I know where you can get one of those Snort Wheeze/Buck Growl calls FREE!!! My hunting buddy headed for the sporting goods department after he saw all those success videos. He could not wait to get to his treesatnd the next morning.

    He saw a really nice 10 pointer walking along the trail next to the creekbottom. As the buck got closer, he decided to give the buck a couple snort wheeze and buck growls.. The buck got so doggone scared and intimidated:yikes: , he left the area FAST.. When he went passed my treestand he was doing 80 mph and I think he is still going!!!

    Personally, I don't put much faith in a call that can be a threat or intimidating to a buck. I will take more bucks by sounding like a sexy, love sick doe or a younger buck. Think about it... If you thought someone bigger than you was waiting to kick your butt, would you come rushing in asking for it?? I DON'T THINK SO!!!:hide:

    This is just my humble opinion... but I do know of at least 5 different hunters that have spooked their "DREAM BUCKS" using them. Oh yeah... IF you happen to be interested in that FREE call... it is laying on the bottom in the creek that passes within 25 yards of my friend's treestand in Cass County. Be aware... they do not float very well either..:banghead3

    Bud Fields
  7. Good points Bud. I agree that they don't work nearly 100% of the time nor does every situation call for their use....but...they do work when the deer want to play the game. It's similar to turkey hunting, sometimes ol' Tom will respond and sometimes he won't. They're a tool to use to put in your bag when all else fails. The same holds true for decoys. Sunday it worked very well for me, other times the deer have run to the hills to get away from it. That poor buddy of yours is probably still smokin' over what happened!
  8. After reading these success stories, I ordered one on Monday, hoping it makes it here by Fri. Now, Bud has me worried about using it. I guess it is worth a shot, maybe I'll try it when there is nothing happening, wait and see. Good luck to everyone this weekend.
  9. WThunter....The grunt, in most cases, will be what you want to use. I have used the snort weeze at times as a last resort or when I wasn't seeing anything in hopes of drawing something out. I used both the grunt and snort weeze on the buck I shot Sunday evening. Believe me if they have their head down eating or tracking a doe and you use that thing their head will snap up like Saddam Hussein's head in a hangman's noose! No kiddin'.
  10. So far, I've had better luck with a Rattletrap:banghead3 .
  11. On all calls there is a point where you can use it too much and overdue it. You especially want to make sure you don't overdue it on this call. It isn't intended for regular use like a grunt call. It supposed to be an intimidating call and hopfully call in those big bruisers that are not scared of anything. So when you go out with it dont overdue it!
  12. Thanks for the advice Tree and Tine Lock. I sure hope it gets to my work by noon Fri. That's when I'm leaving for the weekend. Oh yes, one last afternoon with the bow before gun season opens.
  13. I've used my growl a few times this year, had some smaller bucks come in, but I wasn't sure if it was coincidence or the growl. Yesterday morning had a buck chasing a couple does about 100 yds. from my stand and I used it. All three stopped and looked my way then the does went on. The buck stood there like he was trying to decide what to do. Guess he decided the lovin was better than fightin and went on after the does. Still waiting for it to bring in a big one and I will probably start using it more.
  14. I think buck/doe ratio in your area will be the deciding factor if this call works.

    My opinion is if you have more bucks fighting for receptive does this call will work better.
  15. Snort Wheeze & Buck Growl

    410 bought the growl and blew it for me the other day as I didn't watch any of this video on here or anywhere else people have been talking about. I have heard the growl before, and when I do it is always a big buck.

    This year I had a mature buck at 20 yards with a doe that was close to being in heat. He didn't bother her, but kept at her side. That was 11/6/06. 3 other bucks traveling together were following them and came up on them at my stand while the doe fed. The big guy let out a snort wheeze at 20 yards from me when he saw those 3 subordinate bucks show up. They were about 30 yards from the big one. One of the little guys turned around at the sound of that and quietly walked away, never looking back. The other 2 bucks stopped and then the larger of the 2 started circling to come in from an angle. He was a 15-16" wide 8 pointer. He is missing a G2 but has a forked right brow tine. I assume he is a 2 1/2 year old. He walked by and I passed him up (for the second time this year). Then he turned towards the big buck. The big one let out a deep grunt/growl. The 8 point then went over and hit the smallest buck (a 2 point half rack). The half rack jumped back, looked around, then not seeing anything smaller than him, took out his frustrations by making a rub 40 yards from me. He spent 2-3 minutes on that tree. All deer and some others were within 25 yards of me for 1 hour and twenty minutes that morning. I didn't kill anything or you would see it posted, but the buck growl and the snort wheeze seemed to work.

    If you want to shoot 2 1/2 year olds or smaller bucks then this call can scare away your buck, but if you want to see the king of the woods I would try it in a heart beat.