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Primos can call.

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by 556187, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. Best call i've ever used
  2. That is what I used to call in my buck last year. Came in on a string.

  3. i used it a little this yr. had 1 response but it got dark on me.
  4. Primos Estrus Bleat...

    I have had TREMENDOUS success using this call. It has been responsible for AT LEAST 7 of the bucks I have taken recently. I have more confidence in it when I actually observe rutting activity thiugh.

    On a number of ocassions, if I use it PRIOR to the rut, the deer have become alarmed or shown NO interest at all BUT... once I see the bucks actually "running the does" or if I hear a buck grunting while chasing a doe, I can almost "bet the farm" that I can call him right to me..

  5. Like any other deer hunting "tool", sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

    I do always carry one.
  6. I to think it is the best out there at this time. And like everything else sometime YES and sometimes NO it depends on the time of the year.
  7. This was my first year with one. During pre-rut and rut it seemed to consistently turn heads and get attention, but it never "pulled one in on a string".
  8. how do yo all think the can would work in the 2nd rut coming up ?
  9. Carry 2 of them, the doe bleat and the doe estrus. I do think they work, just not everytime. I've had both buck and doe come in after using one or the other and I've also had bucks in site and not even get so much as a look when I used it.
  10. Iv'e heard a lot of people talking about them so I recently bought one. Haven't put it into action yet though.
  11. i was always hesitent to buy,till this year. i rattled a 120'' 8 pt to 65 yds he looked but didnt see nothing. he started to walk away and i turned the can over and he came to 45yds he didnt no what hit him. the one and only time i used it and it worked for me
  12. I try to do new things while hunting. This might seem like a bad idea but it has worked for me on numerous hunts. Take the can and hold it sideways, blow on the small hole in the bottom. It makes for a longer call and a little louder. I have had a handfull of bucks that couldnt hear the initial call come to the longer louder call. Maybe some of you have tried this and are embarassed to tell anyone, who knows. It works for me.
    I also believe that deer are very very curious animals. In 1999 I killed my 3rd biggest buck ever while "talking" to a squirrel. I thought my morning hunt was over and was getting ready to leave the woods. There was a squirrel about 20 feet from me so I started making squirrel barks and sounds. Then he started barking back at me. This went on for about 5 minutes, and we were being very loud. I stood up and about 30 yards behind me was my buck. He was coming right tward me. I shot him in stride and he fell down in his tracks. I have always thanked that little squirrel for that buck.
    Also, how many of you have met up with a hunting partner in the woods and started talking loud and all of a sudden have a deer on top of you?? It has happened to me quite a few times.
    Maybe next year i'll take a radio to the woods....well maybe not.
  13. i hope that squirrel never "really" has a conversation with you
  14. I had this small buck come in to the doe in estrus can, he came to about 10 yards from my stand.