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  1. My father introduced me to these years ago. Until recently I have plenty of stock in their products. They have very good products. One downside is one worm might last 2-3 fish. They are very soft, but I think they are worth every cent.

    I dont know many people who even know these so I thought I would share. I called them and they have no dealers in Indiana. So, the only way to buy them is online.

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    Intresting looking worms...I got hooked on Zoom Trick Worms a few years, it is about the only worm I use. I've had good success with them...afraid to change.

  3. Yeah, I hear ya. I havent had as great of luck with other brands. But, cant hurt unless you try.
  4. Those are unique and most definetly probably work. The fish are always looking for something new. The prices on them are great too. Im more of a Zoom guy myself. Centapede and Double Ringer are probably my favorites.