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proud dad

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by DBurris, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. my son 17yrs old. has been waiting on one of two large bucks all season. saturday he finally got them in close BUT the third buck that was with the two had been shot by someone else and had a broken leg. he shot the hurt deer and said he was not disappointed. he had to grow up alittle that day. very proud dad
  2. Good for him, thats true responsability.

    He musta been raised right.:bonk:

  3. I guess there are still a few people out there with morals...and I think most are outdoorsmen!

  4. Tell him we said great job, by all means he made the right choice. I know alot of people who wouldnt.
  5. DBurris...from all of us on here tell him way to go! He is a true sportsman!!!
  6. Wow...the young man showed a great deal of resolve and maturity. Good for the both of you!
  7. Great to hear...tell him he's a true hunter for what he did.
  8. Your son deserves a big pat on the back, Dburris.
  9. Awesome. You did good then too. Congrats!
  10. You have a right to be proud..........he made a choice that a lot of guys would have never made.
  11. DBurris you should be proud of him that tell me that the boy enjoy hunting and life. Tell the boy that I said way to go and he did do the right thing.
  12. Dburris, you have a fine son. You raised him right, that was a very mature decision! My son is only 9, and I'm looking forward to watching him mature, and be my life long hunt'n buddy!
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  13. Congrats to him and to you for raising him right!