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Proud pappa....

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by jstalljon, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. I've posted this elsewhere, but had to brag here too! ;) :biggrin:

    As a father, we want nothing more for our children then to be healthy. As a hunting father, we want nothing more for our children then to be healthy and spend time with us afield! ;)
    My six year old son is very sensitive....he's always lagged a bit behind in height and weight. He has very sensitive hearing, so loud noises have never been his thing. So it's been slow going for me the last few years trying to get him involved in hunting with me. He would sit in a ground blind with me to see deer, but would not want me to bring my bow or gun. And that was fine with was the time together I cherished.

    Well, one evening last weekend he said, "Dad, can I go hunting with you soon, and this time you can bring your gun." I didn't know what to think. I wasn't sure if he was offering just to appease me? Or if he really wanted to be a part of an actual hunt, but the answer, of course, was yes.

    Well, we originally planned hunting this evening together, and I was going to go by myself this morning. I woke up plenty early, and was actually having a cup of coffee when my son walks into the kitchen at 5:45. He looks at me and says,"Ready to go huntin' dad?".

    So we bundled him up, I grabbed the ground blind, and the two men headed out. We talked on the truck ride there about the upcoming hunt, and I told him, "Bud...if we see a deer, you tell me whether or not you want dad to shoot him."

    So we get set up, nustled in..... He's extrememly quiet, sits very still, and just looked around. Right at first light we had a doe come through the corn field, I looked at Sam, and he said....let's not shoot her. So we let her work off into the woods. I have to admit I was thinking he was brave enough to come out here in the dark with me, but wasn't ready for me to pull the trigger. My thoughts were interrupted when I hear, "Dad....there's a deer". Lagging and limping behind that doe, came this buck. He was getting along somewhat decent, but obviously injured. I gave my son the binoculars to check him out. He of course asked why he was limping, and I said cause he was hurt. He almost immediately replied,"Well you should probably shoot him them then so he won't be in pain anymore." I was taken aback. Not only was my son now mature enough to handle the noise....he was thinking of the deer.

    At this point the deer was about 90 yards out, and standing in the middle of the corn field. I settle the crosshairs of my Omega on him and squeezed. As the blind filled with smoke, I looked down at my son who was shaking a little, but he quickly whispered, "Dad....that stinks!"....I just laughed. I finally got my bearings back in the field....and there the buck lay. He hadn't taken another step.

    So after ceremonial hugs and high fives, we retrieved the deer. As I got ready to field dress him, I explained to my son that this was going to be bloody. Again, I was amazed by his composure, and he asked several questions about "what was what".

    As I was loading him into the truck, I told my son we had to check him in, then take him to the processor. He asked if we were going to give this one to the hungry people... I wasn't sure what he meant at first, then it dawned on me. He was talking about FHFH. I had mentioned to him earlier that if daddy got a few deer this year, we would donate one. He asked if we could donate this one, and I was more than happy to oblige!

    I couldn't be more proud of my son this morning. From waking up at the crack of dawn on his own, his composure in the blind, the realization of putting down a wounded deer for it's own overall benefit, to immediately thinking of others after the hunt and wanting to donate the deer to FHFH.

    I always knew it, but proud pappa's gonna brag.... I have quite a special young man there on my hands!!! ;D

    I forgot the camera for pictures in the field, but stopped by the house on the way to the donation drop and snapped a few photos of the successful hunters. (He even took the one of me....hence the upward angle!) ;)

    Of course the cable to down load the pictures is at my office, but I'm going to try and swing by there this afternoon before this evenings hunt. That's right....the little guy wants to go out again this evening and try and harvest a doe. So I'll try and get pictures up later this evening.

    I don't believe life gets any better than this....well maybe when he gets his first! :)

    Thanks for bearing with the long post...

    Just got back from the evening's hunt......

    Here's the pics....I'm still beaming. We would have doubled up this evening, but in the rush to bring the fritos, granola bars, 7up, Madagascar coloring book and crayons.... I left my 209 primers in the truck! ::) So we were content to sit back and watch 6 does and two small bucks work from the woods into the corn. He was killing me....he was sitting there with the binos saying, "there's a beauty" at every doe that walked by!




    I'm not sure what exactly happened to this guy. He had a mass right above the lower leg joint on his right rear, but that looked fairly old. I did notice he had recently been shot with an arrow high and back. There was a DEFINITE broadhead mark that was pussed over! This guy had been through the ringer...
  2. Very awesome Jon!

    Congrats on a nice deer and an even finer hunting memory! You made a hunting buddy for life and nothing is better then that.:cool:

    Good job man! Cold one on me!:)

  3. Fantastic!

    What a story, what a hunt, congradulations on your buck and memories with your Son.
  4. congrats on the buck but an even bigger congrats on raising a fine young man. He is doing it right already because he has a good role model to look up to. I cant help be proud of him and his maturity at such a small age. Tell him i said happy hunting from here on out. Best of luck Trdtnlbwhntr
  5. That is awesome. I just had my first lil one, SHE is 16 weeks old and i cant wait to start making memories like that. Congrats on both.
  6. Loved the story the first time I read it, and I love it even more now! Great job, Jon.
  7. Great read- Love to see those kids in the great out of doors!!!!:) :bowdown:
  8. Great buck and great story.....sounds like your getting your son started in the right direction for the world of hunting.
  9. Great story. Hope to hear more stories in the future.:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

    My little ones...7 & 8...want to go really bad but I'll probably wait 1-2 years. My second daughter was 13...she is now 21...the only time she went deer hunting with me. Killed and nice 8 pointer...I missed the first shot...the deer didn't know where the shot came from and took off running right at us... I killed it in self defense! I was laughing and my daughter was scared to death and crying. Great memories...looking for more.
  10. That is a awsome story. I just cant wait to get my boy out there and enjoy all the pleasures God has given to us. Once again that is a great story, congrates.
  11. Great story! Don't want mine to grow up too quick but i can't wait to take them out! Congrats.

  12. awesome story and congrats. pass on the tradition.
  13. I can't wait my oldest will be 11 next season, it will be his first time out w/ gun in hand. Oh Man! I can't wait till he gets his first deer.......
  14. Awesome story...having two kids myself, I hope they enjoy the outdoors as much as I do.