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Provence Pond 03/25

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Grandson and I got the boat out on the pond yesterday 03/24. Used live bait, jigs cranks and still caught nothing. Didn't even mark any fish.
They were still way up into the shallow water where they could not be fished. Them bushes and trees are way to thick to get a boat in there. :(
Guess the water will have to warn up before they move out into the accessible areas.

As we arrived at the ramp, 2 DNR officers were loading their boat at the ramp. They were very polite but, checked us out for everything. Boat reg, life jackets, fishing license and looked at our minnows and storage compartments.

I asked why they searched us. Was told they were checking to make sure we didn't have any hidden fish we wanted to stock in the pond. They are very serious about stopping illegal fish stocking at the pond.
I talked to the head officer for some time. He said they had left Summit lake earlier in the day, and he saw lots of big bluegills being caught.
He would not tell me the locations but, he did say they were all caught close to shore in 4' or less water using live bait.
He told me that several people had many nice big 8+ inch gills.
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Good to hear, but a little too late huh?
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