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Provence Pond 04/17/05

Discussion in 'Central Indiana Fishing Reports' started by bestshot, Apr 17, 2005.

  1. The Grandson and I hit the pond at 5:00 am. The water temp was 56 degrees and a little stained because of the past few windy days. Could see about 3' down.

    Well, the fish are finally moving away from the bushes and timber. They are still close but, out enough you can get your line to them.

    Didn't count anything but, I'm guessing 20 LM bass from 10" to 15" long. 30 crappie mostly small but 4 or 5 were 10" or bigger. Caught a boat load of bluegill, most were small, 5 or 6 were 9" to 11" long.

    We weren't really fishing for one species. We were using "Micro Lite" rods & reels, small beetlespin with a yellow/blk striped grub.
    Had a blast until the sun came up. A usual for Provence Pond, bright sunny days are the worst.

    The boat ramp side of the pond, is really bad with the algae bloom. That green snot like stuff, is everywhere.

    They also put some new gravel on the parking lot and the lane down to the ramp. Bout time.
  2. Glad to here that too, gravel was badly needed over there.